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What’s hot black Friday 2019, here’s 5 hot picks from me to you and I’m not even able to take part.. AGAIN.

What’s hot black Friday 2019, here’s 5 hot picks from me to you and I’m not even able to take part.. AGAIN.

by markeyOctober 9, 2019

Black Friday 2019 is going to be the best there has been since time began. It’s the one that everyone will be waiting with baited breat and it won’t just be about deals, it’ll be about things, things glorious things. So many glorious things to think about, so little time. Here’s my hot picks for black Friday 2919, bearing in mind I’m in the UK, United Kingdom, no big monstrous USA black Friday but products I’ve chosen are available worldwide so get ready for not a blink to miss the product you might find delightful all year around. A blink? You’d think I’ve written a book, ha.

💡1. Multi coloured remote controlled light bulbs

Many people were on this bandwagon donks ago. I have only just got on it and boy it’s gonna be hot this year; I hope because it’s the most pleasurable household good I’ve ever had, I’ve ever invested in and I’ve ever loved anything by by money for the goodness of it. Yeah, money is scarce, everyone wants to travel the world but nobody wants to give everyone enough money, not even Jesus or God or Buddha or whomever else is out there. We are going to have to just do with our cheap but cheerful remote controlled multicoloured bulbs. 10.99 to 11.99 on Amazon etc.

🔌 2. Portable battery charger usb

Portable battery is everything you need. Here’s the everything you’ve ever needed and you wouldn’t have known until someone invented it. It’s a hot item and has so many to choose from black Fridays gonna be more fun searching high and low for the one for you. I’ve got mine cos it fits in the palm of my hand, but I don’t have the time to charge it, nevermind charge my own phone. A portable USB charger will be hot on black Fridays to-buy list and there’s more than one on most people’s list. Long days away from electricity sources, excessive use because you’re a photographer or journalist. This portable battery charger just better not be one of those exploding ones. £10-20+ on Amazon etc.

🎧 3. Wireless earphones or headphones

I don’t like earphones or headphones but then people on the bus don’t like my loud music blaring in their face, (I mean ears.) Fun to be had is listening to your music any place any time but when the fun stops, stop. Walking and listening to music; it’s dangerous to cross roads so please don’t do that, please don’t leave the world behind so beligerently where your friends and family weep loudly and less and less loudly until you become a depressive state unstoppable until it stops. And sometimes that’s nwver. So please use wireless earphones and headphones wisely. Mine are on the way, in the post, airpod type and shape, colour etc but they’re some brand I’ve never heard of. £10-100’s

🥚 4. Electric egg boiler, poacher, cooker etc.

Electric egg cookers are another bandwagon you didn’t jump on did you? I bet you wish you didn’t if you have. Think of all those people excitably finding theirs on black Friday, oh the essence of it all. You are only a small part of the consumerism for the electric egg cookers but if you already bought yours. Tough, everyone can have their fun, you’ve already had yours. I’m never mean and I’m not meaning to be I’m just finding it fantastic stress relief for the fact I can’t afford anything on black Friday because business sharks stole from me and there’s no helpline for rich, middle.claas thieves and God likes it that way, nobody’s able to help you nor are they available. God’s world god’s rules, suffer the lies that there’s seeking and finding and justification for all that they do. Is there f**k. God lied, man lied, we suffer the lies, nobody fixes it when it’s so easy done.

🎮 5. PlayStation, Xbox, and anything else gaming

Steam subscription please as I’ve just got a new gaming laptop, and it’s zooming along waiting for all that frazzle through it to put classic games and the newest games unto my screen, my wall with projector or maybe a projector screen if I’m that snobby. The gaming black Friday will be a big one for the younger ones, us older kids have no time for gaming, none at all. We are held conquest to the boredom of not even having a friend to play a game with so why bother buying a gaming machine. Personally my steam got four games, that’s because my fiance broke up with me. What a tirade that was but just think it, of I have a new fiancé, gladly updating my steam library would be happening without a doubt. Instead it’ll be left the way this beligerently devised world allows poverty to piss on the poor and pour champagne on the rich. Be a gamer at any age is also my recommendation until you’re at that stage where you have no friends or money anyway. Money being the reason you’ve no friends but something stops you from knowing, some will wonder what that something is. Some have no friends and don’t know why. Shame that honesty is the cowards who keep is poor.

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