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A poem for ‘someone called Joe’

A poem for ‘someone called Joe’

by markeyJanuary 12, 2020

Some of us called Joe so there’s a poem for someone called Joe. Written by Mark Rafferty. Enjoy.

So there was a man called Joe.
Who went down the garden with a hoe.
To set things straight.
For the garden’s fate.

Joe loved his garden.
To live for the pardon.
Of any man.
Who feared another man.

He ventured forth.
Into lands unknown.
So he wouldn’t be fourth.
In any race he was known.

He put ideals before the test.
And set the twix.
To pick up some sticks.
So he could be the best.

On his travels he found a wife.
To love him on his strife.
For his duty to man.
Standing in his garden as a fan.

A poem about someone called Joe.
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