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Android, Smart Launcher and What’s a Launcher?

Android, Smart Launcher and What’s a Launcher?

by markeyJune 6, 2020

Launchers are designed to make navigating your phone easier. I use two launchers, Smart Launcher and Smart Drawer, each having their own uses. Two different ways of doing things. The things I use the most are on my home screen and the things I use less often can be easily accessible via smart drawer.

Smart Drawer

We are able to access launchers with all different abilities and what I love about smart drawer is I have half a screen of icons to cover my most used apps. I have a selection of most used apps that I can easily access via my single tap, or double tap so the half screen is a full screen with easy to access two different apps at a single or double click. This is what I love about smart launcher. Then smart drawer compliments.

What you’ll love about smart drawer is up to you. It’s a centralised way of managing your control of the way things are organised. I love the smart launcher and smart drawer combo as they both go well together. This is to easily access most used apps and the lesser used apps can easily be found using smart drawer.

So what’s a launcher?

The launcher apps that are available for Android are supreme to what you can do to how your phone organises content. The way in that your phone organises content could be called your desktop experience and environment.

This environment is changed via launchers. These launchers can add side bars and different ways to access your overall experience. As above mentions smart launcher and smart drawer both are complimentary Appa for organising your experience with your phone.

Look at smart launcher on my phone. My most used apps can be accessed with only half a screen of app icons. With a quick swipe up I can access via letter organised methods.

Smart launcher

Smart launcher and swipe up you have easy access to a search by index method and most popular apps too. With an organised way of selecting apps appearing at the swipe up smart drawer isn’t really necessary but is still complimentary and manageable unlike smart launcher index and category search.

Smart Launcher

Smart launcher is malleable and there is a homepage contest for submitting your best effort as what you have decided to style your phone like. Mine looks like the screenshots above and from that half page of apps I am able to access my most used apps. Then I used the search by index or smart drawer to access my lesser used apps.

Smart Launcher – Search by index

Overall I think smart launcher might be the best launcher there is if you like it that way. It’s easy access to your device done right but not forgetting there are many other options. There are the following launchers too.

  • Evie launcher
  • Nova launcher
  • Hyperion launcher
  • And many more.

Conclusion and Wrapping up

It’s not that hard to download a launcher but finding one you’re happy with can be hard. Smart launcher is one that could go horribly wrong if you don’t get the concept of how it works. However if you have questions then use the comments below as I recommend buying smart launcher and using it as your go to app for launchers. I don’t use any other launchers although tried many before I discovered smart launcher.

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