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December 21, 2020

Life is worse than hell poem

Ring the bell.Is this hell?I don’t know.Not able to go with the flow.

We are parasitesWe do the bites.Bitten once, twice shy.I don’t like to say goodbye.

Here we are in earth like hell.All we ever do is smell.One of these days hell will free us.Until then we still gotta catch the bus.

On our way through life.We find the hardness in our strife.Nobody cares.Not even about bears.

This life is hell I’m sure.Something we have to endure.It’s like we shouldn’t be here at all.It’s like one great big fall.

In the fiery depths of this day.You shall be at dismay.There isn’t any escape.It’s like we [...]

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November 16, 2020

Why do people say no?

Filled with the spirit we plod along as autonomous robots to the spirit as an ant colony and it [the spirit] always says no.

So why do people say no then?

The thing is…

We are filled with a spirit and are much like an ant colony under attack by bees that say no to us.

We never say no to the bees.

So the spirit we are filled with allows us to be stung by the bees and where does it ever end? When does the spirit stop stinging us by saying ‘yes’ instead of ‘no.’

People find that no causes more problems than yes so why is the spirit always using our bodies to say no to us?

Google say no to truth. News [...]

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October 3, 2020

Spiritual abuse: I’d rather be nailed to a cross than live another day

I would rather be nailed to a cross than live another minute.

If only you knew, that life is so vile and evil that even INVISIBLE life will abuse you.

That even though the invisible life that can’t be seen has no reason to lay hands on you it will and can abuse you.

Every day, 32 years abused and tortured by invisible life.

I’d rather be nailed to a cross than live another Day.

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September 18, 2020

As im sitting at the table – poem

As I’m sitting at the table,At the coffee shop,About to go and train hop,I feel like doing a bop.

Train sounds good,Low battery sounds like a sad,Sure I could be a dad,Wouldn’t that be cool dude?

I’m not sure the train leaves now,But if I sit here to drink the coffee it won’t matter how,How on earth I be on time for meeting him,He doesn’t know I’ll be late, for him!

We are traveling somewhere, each one of us,Sure it’s be hard not to get the bus,Why don’t you travel along with me,Like the world’s greatest bumble bee.

In this coffee shop it’s quiet,The plugs are so low I can’t [...]

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