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Being still is a habit you’ll cry to get it back

Being still is a habit you’ll cry to get it back

by markeyNovember 18, 2019

Stillness is the fate of children. They learn stilness without knowing that they are learning it. To lose that habit of still quiet memoric moments would make one cry out for stillness to return.

When there’s nothing on the TV, nothing on the radio it’s not much to try and be still for a child. For me I’m struggling with stillness. And it’s making me want to cry. The crying wouldn’t do no good though it as it feels so difficult to lose the habit of being still.

Writing is one way for me to be still and it’s something I do often but yes I have that totally assured but I don’t have anything else yet to keep me still. Keeping me still for enough time to get work done, has left me.

Reading is another one but at this moment and time I have nothing I feel like reading and I’ve got to be still. Nothing annoys me more than not being still when I want to be still but somehow I can’t be still like the child I’m well acquainted with, myself and stillness as I grew up. I used to sit in front of the computer. Now I have that but I have to wait for that so what do I do while I wait. Be still some other way? Which ways do you use for your stillness? 

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