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British fish and chips weren’t British, they were Jewish from travelling Jews and Belgium chips.

British fish and chips weren’t British, they were Jewish from travelling Jews and Belgium chips.

by markeyOctober 10, 2019

The Great British dish? Is it even still British? Britishness used to be fish and chips but not so sure now. Here we are talking about fish and chips, french fries elsewhere and did you know why it’s called chips? Chipping the potato makes chips, that’s what is the reason apparently.

🎏 The fish and chip shop is United Kingdom associated but why and I hope you’ve tried fish and chips.

The idea that chip is because the potato is chipped might make you think of other idea from other foods but sadly that’s not the case, so no excitement there. There’s about 25000 chippies in the UK and they sell around 360 million big Mac meals a year, but no it’s actually fish and chips. That’s a lot of fish and chips in the UK alone but luckily for fish we aren’t the only nation battering and frying fish.

Fish and chips was actually associated with Jewish people to begin with as they were travelling, basically being kicked from town to town, city to city. Frying fish along the way and it caught on in Britain with a Belgium country twist, chips.

So basically the English tradition is Jewish buy I’d never even heard that and not had I heard anyone talking about it but I have limited Jewish friends anyway. So a tradition steeped British, pure British empire stuff we like but it’s not even British? Is that the British way of doing things? Let’s hope not.

As a British person I’d be pretty ashamed if we aren’t willing to admit we embraced another culture’s fried fish dish and then it became British. We are a humble nation as I’m told growing up so I must ensure that I’m not going to hear Britishness being Mon humble about this dish.

Belgium is chip heaven though whereas you would say it’s Britain but it’s not, it’s Belgium and that’s how it became fish and chips, Belgium meets Britain meets Jewish battered fish peddlers. There we go the creation of the great British fish and chip shop. I never said I would tell you where fish and chips come from but I wasn’t planning on doing so, it’s your lucky extra for being a reader. Thank you.

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