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Can you / will you; grow old gracefully

Can you / will you; grow old gracefully

by markeyNovember 18, 2019
Sideways camera trick. Very old trick.

It’s nothing so diligently disgraceful to grow old but you can be like me, grow old disgracefully, mind you – I claim accidently and for claim any argument against untrue and a spaghetti argument not worthy of the tangled mess it will leave the argument in. I chose to be good, do good and got better at it over time. I just didn’t know I was going to be so disgracefully rewarded with nothing than failure. Is this the comeback? Selfishly I’mú capitalising on another’s book, but he grown own disgracefully too and I relate so want to get my relation out of the way before continuing.

Flamboyant never changes, this books is for the flamboyant never be anything else useful than flamboyant reader, reciewer, receiver, deceiver, oh wait, a one non-flamboyant reader for use and with that said, if all fail to be as flamboyant as this book then you’ll either be a a sinister attack on the flamboyant or a peckish slightly hungry flamboyant beginner. Yes it’s about the annoyance you bring and that the older you get the older you are expected to behave and taking directly from the book ‘no-one likes an old fart” and you are not getting older, your relatives are getting more annoying by their differently doings you can’t stand any longer, well live with it, that hip replacement might spare you the dignity of you live and let die. Better get used to that slang too or be as disgraceful as this book knows many are.

You’re older than a wagon without springs or your not. Jolted by every pebble or humourist enough to cancel such dismay and balance a summary happiness for everyone until you’re 99, 100.

These days you’re not getting past 999, 100 I you’re a jolt ridden freak. Go away from us we will say and we are at our tether, our wits end but we’re too good to say anything yet, this book is first great example I’ve seen, nibble a breast now and then, even if 90, there’s women who need a breast nibbling to humour them, if you know what they mean by humoured. What looked so horridly temptong for a bollocking as a kid is now an adult delight unharmful if you do it right, was unharmful back then even if you didn’t do it right. Do it right? If only you knew. Obselete knowledge of you tell anyone I told you, only this book told me I wouldn’t be able to tell you such a great admirable society defeating degreaser but who out the grease there, definitely wasn’t eurotrash. Must be them who got rid of it.

Getting to the summer frame without reading the book, you might as well skip on by in your skipping ropes and forget the zimmerframe, this book will keep you skipping, anything willing to avoid forget skipping your way to 99, 100. Forget forget forget. You need this book now and before your skipping rope injures your old age necessity bones and muscles.

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