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Can’t afford to work Phillipines global disaster poem

Can’t afford to work Phillipines global disaster poem

by markeyMay 12, 2020

I’m sitting here talking to a forgeigner,
My life depends on his generosity,
It’s my last day of food and time got generosity,
The man is only difference is a foreigner with a better system for a foreigner.

I’ve sat here lost about our system forever,
It feels like forever,
Every hurdle I needed someone to support me with cash needs,
The tool they call money all depending on an external system forever?

I can’t bear my system means I need money to make money and I can go homeless,
Surely it’s not possible to go homeless this far into evolution?
Do we need a revolution?
Power to the people and the homeless.

I’ve sat here wondering why it takes money to make money and that’s what can leave you homeless,
Once you’re homeless it’s hard to get back on your feet,
You can become broken as a homeless.

They don’t care they just pan us off as beggars,
Our government doesn’t know any better than call us beggars,
China is overflowing with a working system and plenty to lend the belief in better by beggars.

Reset the debt maybe

We’re at a standstill, a time where nothing is changing but must,
Money is the tool, without a system that cares about sharing money we can all go bust,
I don’t like sacrificing my work talents for lack of money isn’t a must,
We are all headed for the same dust.

Until then I’d like my system to be more like mark’s,
It isn’t perfect but I give it better rating than I give ours marks,
One simple tweak, borrow more from rich countries or copy their system,
We need to get into rythm for improved system one for all, the ultimate system.

Currently everyone is one pay check from homelessness and it’s not fair,
Historical society were better at resetting debt and stabilising society for more equal and fair,
They reset the debt, straddled the world digits,
Back then we were included in the digits.

Nowadays they don’t care about instability in society,
They would straddle the cash in society,
Putting cash into resources behind on their plans,
Here we are in the Philippines where money is a tool you need way too much to get started with your plans.

They charge you for different things to work here,
To find work you have different cash hurdles like health checks for here,
We also have business from abroad that doesn’t pay same salary as their home compared to here,
We don’t want to say no but we need a fairer system, affording to work is not work but a barrier to work,
I’m thrifty and nifty and good at my work but the system is financial burden and hurdle to work.

When will we get them to listen to the suffering ones, the ones who struggle,
It’s us and us that are the struggle in society and we struggle,
Last week I borrowed half my salary to survive, and that’s half another person’s bi-weekly salary left to struggle,
Please Phillipines reset our debt and borrow from China to end our unnemployment and homeless struggle

This is the end of evolution and if we don’t do it now we never will,
Every country struggles with unemployment but Philippines are in a strong position to create a working system and flaunt it at the other choice ill,
I’m sorry I complain about the lack of resources for getting back to work after a fall,
We can all fall but let’s not let it go on forever and be on the ball.

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