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June 6, 2020

The niche, finding a niche poem

Everybody loves to choose a niche, here is poem about the topic niche. Subscribe and enjoy a poem per day to your inbox.

A niche poem from the niche blog about poems, This niche you say, Will it make you sway? There is my niche blog nearly all about poems.

This blog to your blog, A niche can be anything, anytime, anywhere, It’s only fair, Break out into blog.

Break out into song? Blog, blog, blog, break out into blog, Don’t train your dog, Speak to Wong.

We are looking up, down, up, down, Not easily looking down, Turn that down upside frown, Oops I fumbled down.

This niche we look, It’s everything and cook, Good [...]

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June 6, 2020

White supremacy doesn’t exist but it’s winning

Asking some questions to people in London one was ‘who’s winning which supremacy or white supremacy’, answer being ‘white.’ It was first question I’ve ever asked on the topic. Second question was not a question but a comment on the internet, news or social media, and it was ‘white supremacy doesn’t exist statistically or have any basis as fact’, so we have two pro commentary from society and good to hear opinion among us.

This however, has not jaded me about society thoughts whenever one states it doesn’t exists statistically and others thinking one is winning. Great times spent in London led to asking random [...]

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June 3, 2020

Writing a book even if you think you’re too mad

People are afraid to admit madness they’ll say they are sane as saints. Difficult task being a saint I would say. Personally everyone thinks they are saints. We all are if we think we are and those that think not are possibly denied an education worthy to their existence. I’m not saying mine is greater but I’m saying that everyone’s experience is important.

Take this example. We have alternate sources for expressing ourselves the 4 lesser thought or talked about senses. Our mind, our tongue, our gut and our heart. Personally I’ve always been with the heart and seldom any other way to express myself. For example a real liar that tells lies for [...]

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May 22, 2020

Discrimination at Work – Ideas to Approach The Dilemma

The worst that could happen is so far a lot more than discrimination. That’s a good starting point for getting rid of feeling discriminated in any place, especially the workplace. Personally I’m not an advocate of violence so don’t resort to violence for this. Resort to meditation, calmness, prayer, anything other than violence. This is not what you want to do. Secondly it is your attention’s needs to know the difference between antagonizing discrimination and facing it head on with ignorance or reporting it, but make sure it’s not paranoia.

The possible outcome from discrimination at work is at worst violence and so long as you don’t [...]

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