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May 12, 2020

Handbags and gladrags poem

I forbid women to buy extremely expensive handbags, It’s a joke to exist when the system is not as it was, done with handbags, Instead we are handbags and gladrags and not a bit of care from the system Jokers make expensive handbags, I’m not a fan of lavish living or lifestyle I think we can put back in than take out we are forc d to via tax when we would be better encouraged to give back, There is a world that isn’t done it’s still developing missing links to a darker society, All we need is to find the best system (probably Finland) and copy it for a better society.

Nobody likes to see a homeless person so why don’t we act on it, [...]

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January 12, 2020

A poem for conversation starting

This is a poem for conversation starting. Oh I do like be by the seaside whispering beautiful words into your ear.

Oh what would I do without you my old friends. Words scatter my mind in a tizzy. I’ve bee lit to my needs are me to ends. It’s like feeling all dizzy.

Oh you don’t know what I’d do without you words. It’s just you’re singing like birds. Ringing through my ears and body. It’s not at all shoddy.

Shoddy you aren’t dear words and letters. I’ve been waiting to practice the conversation. It’s like a bit of old time sake conservation. It’s just that it all is for the getting my [...]

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