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Copywriter for hire; London based

Copywriter for hire; London based

by markeyMarch 8, 2020

You need a passionate copywriter on your side who does client-getting copywriting every time, all the time.

That’s why I’ve contacted you because I’ve got 13 year’s experience copywriting and it sells like hotcakes.

I single handedly built my first website to over 60,000 visitors per month then went on to become a copywriter full time.

This means you will have me totally devoted to doing your copywriting the way you like it to be done; client-getting, so all the hard work is done for you.

Imagine taking your copywriting to the next level with experience and expertise beyond the norm. Yes! Beyond the norm.

I have a relativity scheme with my copywriting services. The relativity ensures the copy is relevant to your audience. Thus it becomes client-getting copywriting.

To avail of my services you just need to contact me and I’ll be happy to serve your needs – in a jiffy I’ll have copywriting done for you. So you can be happy and rejoice in your new client-getting ability.

With 13 year’s experience I can tell you it’s a tough time being a good copywriter. It’s hard work but it pays off when you have a professional doing the work for you.

The work is done methodically, you hire me, and then I get to work. The copy is drafted and designed to your specifications in a word document then you review it and hey presto it’s done and dusted. Once you review it.

There is a no refund policy on my copywriting service because it takes me a long time to do the research and provide great copywriting. That’s how confident I am you’ll enjoy the client-getting copy I promise you.

It’s taken me years to craft my copywriting services to a different angle than I began with. Starting with just a college education in English, they didn’t teach me properly, I had to craft it with my 13 year’s of experience. It wasn’t easy but I’ll tell you all my clients have successfully implemented their business with my copywriting.

There is a knack to it, you need the right keywords crafted into your copywriting services then hey presto you’re targeting the right audience. If you didn’t know about keywords, even magazines use keywords. They’re littered all over an experienced copywriter’s work. Yes! Even in magazines where keywords are thought less important.

You see, it’s not just the copywriter that matters. It’s the expert inside the copywriter that counts. And that’s why I come to you with great services in mind for you.

You should see from this copywriting I’m selling you on, that there’s no need to think I’m not the guy for you. I’ve made a great effort to sell you on the idea, which is what you need from a copywriter’s sales pitch. An example of great helpful copywriting, directing you to where you should be. In a fabulous copywriter’s hands. You’re safe with me.

I can safely say your choice in my 13 year’s of experience will have you thrilled you chose me. Choosing me is like egging clients to work with you or buy your products.

It’s that simple.

We haven’t even strayed from the topic of buying fabulous client-getting copywriting. We haven’t even done that, and we’re already half-a-page into a sales pitch. Yeah! Straying from the topic is one of the biggest mistakes a copywriter makes. That and ‘keyword rich copy’ being their biggest failures.

Your fabulous new copy is already on its way if you decide to hire me. Which you should.

You shouldn’t put up with copywriting services that aren’t on par. There’s a difference when you hire me because I’ve tried and failed too. It’s the failures that teach a copywriter the mince from his beans. Telling the difference between fabulous copy and poor copy means making a lot of mistakes

So don’t worry about your copy today.

You’ve found me.

I’m here to serve your needs from start to finish of your projects. Take it from me, safe hands is what you’re in. I’ve been successfully and habitually forming great copy for 13 years now. And it’s client-getting success is like hotcakes to everyone involved.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Here is a direct contact form. There is also one further down the page.

Best wishes,

Mark Rafferty.

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