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Design your life in four easy steps you must know.

Design your life in four easy steps you must know.

by markeyOctober 9, 2019

Designing your life is what you expect it to be and believe me, expectations are the world’s biggest problem. Expectation isn’t guaranteed but people tend to think it is, that they are guaranteed. Your dream job, partner, home and your dream car in the driveway is an expectation for success and happiness but even then the expectations as fulfilled as this font fulfill people, and nobody knows why but you can be taught steps to design your future and here are three simple steps to do it.

Remember it’s not happiness you’re pursuing for your lifestyle, you’re pursuing a lifestyle that gives you the life you dream of and the expectations of any purpose is happiness. Choose happiness, not success but even then you could fail you’ll be doing the best you can. Which th three steps begin with choosing happiness. I fear that I’ve written ahead of myself and forgot to tell you to choose happiness well let’s say there is four steps then, choosing happiness was part of a step but now it’s a step on its own.

Choose happiness not success.

Many people choose to be successful instead of choosing to be happy, big mistake, you won’t guarantee happiness if that’s what you’re failing to choose. Many successful people find themselves unhappy, fixable buy why get the life you dream of and still be unhappy. Choose happiness not success and you will find your happiness while you succeed and when you’ve succeeded.

I never knew to choose happiness than success and my success kept failing and now I’m an unhappy failure. If I had of chosen happiness than success I would have did things better, the happy way, avoiding the trap of doing it professionally or allowing my failures to make me 6, not ‘happy anyway.’ Happy even though I’ve failed and them I’d stay happy enough to beat the failure inducing behaviours around me. I chose reslience not happiness and I forgot my ways persevere and don’t give in, my resilient choice have in to many badnesses in my life. So I’m certain you should choose happiness as your first motive, but don’t forget unconditional love too. Happiness + unconditional love will get you there faster than choosing success and resilience or celebration.

Avoid limiting ideas and beliefs.

Limited ideas are what’s marketed to us a predictable. The predictability won’t come true when it’s your turn, the pattern won’t be what the limiting ideas say it will be. You could kill your success already, from the moment you limit ideas. Like if you were washing dishes at a restaurant you could limit your ideas and beliefs that it’s the worst thing ever and you’re going nowhere, your shining your effort to a rich man, your boss who will see that shine and move you forward.

You could keep washing those dishes or you could limit your beliefs and end up with nothing. Jist because it’s not such a passionately offering job role. The boss will see what you do right and what you do wrong and you won’t be there long. You will know more men than you do, and if you leave you don’t have that man any longer, that boss you have no longer. Don’t limit beliefs and ideas as being what you believe, look for the bigger picture and if you can’t place time as a healer and success based value. Time is precious, so the more time you spend on anything the more chance you have at progress and success. If you still can’t see it with time you have two choices;

🌐 Take a step back and look at the job itself and what it’s associated with and how these associations benefit the dishwasher. How does the connection between the ease of the job and also the difficulty and the manager seeing you as the lowest. Taking a step back you’ll see how the boss knows your their hardest working one there is. Nobody else onsite has a harder job than you. All associated people and organisations will she you shine at the hardest, toughest part of a team who do varying jobs. So you can see.tje bigger picture.

🌐 Promise time it’s precious value. Time isn’t always given its previous values of the extreme precious value of time. Over time things happen and things change and things aren’t known. ,Qué Sera Sera the futures not ours to see.’ If you give time it’s precious value you can wash the dishes for years and still not worry because you know times previous value will offer you wildest dreams eventually. Nobody is going to leave you washing dishes forever so give time it’s precious value. Love time for its previous value and the unknown is within time’s precious value.

Avoid fear while connecting with your future self.

Fear is a funny thing, people say they’re not afraid but their behaviour says differently. They fear to say what they feel or want and nobody knows how to make positive changes for them. This fear is even denied when the boss tells you, friends tell you and you tell yourself. Don’t fear and instead connect with your future self. Where do you want to be in thee next five years? A typical interview question that connects with your future self. This is the step that matters most. Your future self is best seen though five year goals. See where you want to be in five years time and then start doing it. Make a plan for the five years ahead. Job, prosperity, abdundance, friend’s, family and colleagues. This is your future self whether give years or more.

Don’t set yourself extreme force of nature to shine in your five year goals. Try to shine less than that, making your goals reachable and feeling at ease when you are enjoying seeing yourself in the future. Some people’s worst mistake is making their goals bigger than what they can visualise, and higher than they can be made to do by themselves or any external pressure.

Challenge and revaluate goals and social circles.

Too many goals too little time. Make time or don’t have time at all. You can have five year goals that are possible so doing feel like it’s not going to happen when you challenge your goals. As for social circles, I was a heroin user and I had to get rid of the users to get away from heroin. My social circles needed chanting. If you also don’t remove negative or non pursuant social circles you’re set for failure like me.

You’ll have many goals and social circles and you need to be careful about both. Our given five year goal is multiple goals to get is there and involves social circles. Evaluate and revaluation of these goals and circles will help you stick to your guns and achieve your five year goals. It’s seemingly negative to remove social circles or goals but I success can be made possible before returning to other goals and social circles, if poor people drag you down succeed and become an idol or influencer for them.

In conclusion to designing your life in four easy steps.

There’s a lot more to life than four easy steps but minamiliatic people make processes of small steps all the time. As a minimalist I enjoy knowing these four steps help me overcome the barriers to success. You shouldn’t ever feel limited by other people’s knowledge either so you’re welcome to comment if you want. I work by these four steps these past few days and I’m liking it, I’m further along on the boyfriend search and feeling a lot better I don’t have so much things on my mind. Give it a go and if it fails let us know in the comments section.

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