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Discrimination at Work – Ideas to Approach The Dilemma

Discrimination at Work – Ideas to Approach The Dilemma

by markeyMay 22, 2020

The worst that could happen is so far a lot more than discrimination. That’s a good starting point for getting rid of feeling discriminated in any place, especially the workplace. Personally I’m not an advocate of violence so don’t resort to violence for this. Resort to meditation, calmness, prayer, anything other than violence. This is not what you want to do. Secondly it is your attention’s needs to know the difference between antagonizing discrimination and facing it head on with ignorance or reporting it, but make sure it’s not paranoia.

The possible outcome from discrimination at work is at worst violence and so long as you don’t get violent they might not either. You also have to recognize that you might be paranoid and would need to verify that you’re not; very stringently. If it is happening ignorance can work too, than reacting to it. Some people might not mean it either and this is where you can take a friendly approach and correct them, as they don’t mean it.

The fact that it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s always purposeful. You must remember that people accidently discriminate and others might be doing it on purpose. The difference will be how you appraoc, one with an easy friendly approach and one with a broader outlook like being very careful not to cause a problem for others or yourself. You might notice danger and this is good to protect others and find a possible way to keep everyone safe. THis isn’t something I persoanlly know to do, it’s if there is danger in the discrimination you’re supposed to be vigilant and report as necessary.

This is what we are supposed to do even if we fear our own safety. This is giving everyone a caring safety but it’s from our expereicne not always succesful. Let’s hope your situation isn’t too difficult. I t’s also called fear of [persecution or being persecuted and is apparently very common. The best way is a friendly approach and to let them know you’re not there to be any trouble to anyone so let’s hope it’s mutual. Something friendly could be the solutuon to know that they aware of your stance on disrimination. Say you’re not out to be any roblem to anyone so please spare me the fear fof psersecution by verifying why there is discrimination. Take the opportunity to say how you feel about it and risk getting a response, possibly the one that you would like to hear, they don’t mean it, they’re just less well mannaered than they should be.

I don’t think there’s much to say about this topic because it’s an unapproachable problem for many. This I hope is some idea on how you could approach it from the angles there are. Unless you can add some yourself. I don’t have much more idea than the approaches mentioned. We sure have less to say when it’s a difficult to approach issue. Try for yourself and see if the ideas, especially the friendly approach, might be worth it.

Good luck with tackling discrimination at the workplace. Take a friendly approach and solve it quicker, otherwise you will not know a solution as easy as that.

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