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Do business sharks really exist?

Do business sharks really exist?

by markeyNovember 18, 2019

Organised crime has known no limits for a long time and you would ask this question? There are no limits to crime these days and no better crime than preying on the Vulnerable victim entrepreneurs.

Sharks surrounding the vulnerable entrepreneurs

They lay in wait for their next glory while the business shark makes the steal difficult, difficult enoigh to take the business from the unsuspecting victim. is a massive shark infested business for sale site

If you think buisness sharka don’t exists check out flippa and how many people are losing their business begote growth syagez before exit stage. They’re losing their business at startup stage and it’s the sharks infesting the waters of thr flippa website these sharks lay in wait for the vulnerable entrepreneur. Flippa allows them to take businesses at any stage and thus there is no deterrent for the businesses and the sharks that take them. Flippa assist buisness sharka to take businesses before they’ve grown.

My business began esyomated at £20 million and is now since stolen on flippa, estimated at £2.2 million because they don’t want to release the true figures because they are he beast you hear from in the Bible. They alwork together steong, strogn enough to beat God but taking every innocent victim with them.

Emulating nature is not what they’re playing at. They’re playing at being the business shark and the sure as heck exist, they’ve stolen my business and many more and they’re so strong yheyafr to help them steal businesses.

In conclusion we are experiencing theft in braid daylight

Theft in broad daylight isn’t what I hear is the normal entitlement to people but to business sharks nobody’s stopping them ruining good people like myself’s life. They aren’t going away and more people are going to fall victim. It’s a sad world you wish you weren’t born into. Business sharks the most exemplary embodiment of hatred in this world. Hatred upon the vulnerable wishful entrepreneurs.

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