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Everyone wants to be good, which means everyone wants to be great.

Everyone wants to be good, which means everyone wants to be great.

by markeyNovember 4, 2019

While playing with my you soldiers as a kid, I said ,’momma I want to be good’, I really meantni wanted there yo be no more soldiers for war. 21 years on and we have soldiers way more the amount than we had then and nobody knows why because we don’t support war now. Just like I said that as a five year old it must mean many of us dodz as I’ve discovered minimal millennials who support war. They also didn’t want you be good, they wanted to be great. The way I see is good millennials being great is calling for and end to all bickering and childish behaviour in politics or world war three politics included, and if not we all agree to fall down. A ring, a ring of posies and pocket full of powi3s, a tissuez a tissue we all fall down. Millennials we haven’t got cknto4k of this world, old ways that started world war war1 and 2 are in control. We have been partying and being mongs while our wish to be good, greatness recognised Goodness we have to act upon our wish. We are standing around doing nothing save the world as we wish too. I can see many reasons not to continue this world but do you support other ways such as worldbwar 3. We need to get to get to grips with our millennial dreams and forget the ignorance we always do. We are ignoring it’s our duty to hurry the politics go care about millennials wish for an end to war and then non millennials are pushing for war instead. Yes there are many reasons to not, but rememe7, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. For me it’s too good to be true the hippies helped before but not now, and that now they have their mistakes done the can’t make them again. It’s as if everyone on the planet is controlled by somebody who doesn’t want the world to progress from war and whatever we don’t like by keeping all under control so they won’t do anything about anything. It’s possible we are all contolled and all the tell tale signs are there but no total evidenced. Than everyone is conforming to things we don’t believe in.

Moving forwards from that to be good you have to be great. Great at anything that anyone else is great at too. That’s what makes you good. Oh look at Simon down the lanez he’s talented and good at the violin, in other words he is great at the violin. To be good means to be great and to be great you have to get good at doing something. Some people want yo be good but don’t understand that humane dee Goodness as greatness at something. We don’t see goodness as well as we see greatness. Yeah he’s great or yea he’s good. As you can tell from those two statements you’re seeking for great to be that goodness you seek. When people seek for goodness, tell them to seek greatness and goodness will become of it.

You can’t be good if you don’t do anything, so get up off your arse and do something. Unless you’re doing something you can’t get good at it and you’ll certainly never be one of the greats. Greats of all time come from times and time ago and you could bbone of them if you get good at doing anything then aimmfor greatness. Goodness is greatness but to want to be good is to want others to notice and that’s when it becomes greatness. No great man wasn’t noticed for his goodness. Be noticed and you will be greatness you seek as Goodnesses.

Actions speak louder than words

So your goodness, that good you want to be needs action and a lot of it. You can’t be good and bad so your efforts need to he consistent with no leaks, as in you leak the other side of you that can shout and be vile albeit accidentally for most people. My actions are smaller than they should be but it’s still action I know only one other person who partakes in this way a poor person can find ways to be good and hey recognised for their goodness through action. Great people we are to the people who came across us and a lot of the time they didn’t want to leave. I’m not even going to ask if my friend sti does it because it would be am insult to the great behaviours I’ve already seen commited to. I congratulate my friend in jubilation that he didn’t skip by this opportunity but now we both have less money to commit out Goodnesses we are sick and tired of the system shutting down on good efforts of greatness within us both. It’s for no reason whatsoever and I’ve taken this Futher to yh scam and fraud deoartm6of soctland yard hoping we get back out abilitw to donate our fervishly donated efforts. It makes me sad he can’t speak of his not mine as humble men we are but he sees mine was all stolen and both of us coukd be doing much better donations if they hadn’t of stolen my source for donations. I wanted to be good and they stole it from me. The whole lot as God watched on, and probably even helped. It wasn’t as it how Christians asked for an arm as I faced millions of predators trying to harm me, it wasn’t as of God didn’t make thwm ignorant my business would be stolen and I’d be left with nothing. It w emailasn’t as of it was greatness being trodden on forever and ever amen. Yes God your trod on my greatness and the greatness of my friends so the abandonedment from my friends can only be in thought I would support what you did to us God. Well I don’t. You hurt my friends and family beyond words. You actions were not of Goodness nor could they have been called greatness, how many lies sold is down he river too far?

Nobody is watching you even if you think they are

God’s control of our minds means nobody is watching you even if you think they are so your time wasted on goodness becoming greatness is a waste of your time. God let’s only who he wants to see and hear what he wants. I know so much about him that he’s struggling now to good things to me after 31 years of bad things and my atheism’s ideology not allowing a belief in God at all. I will still be am atheist, God deserves nothing from us, why shan’t a god of almighty power, goodness the greatness come down unto earth human and show and tell. Ask and tell. Do anything and tell us what on earth he is doing to this earth filled with beautiful hearts. 

We are all good naturally but look at savage monkies eating each other

You don’t have to good things and become notorious instead like the chimpanzee investigated by scientists in a forest, they chased down their own friend and ate his arm. Then his leg and onto the rest of him. What a notorious bunch of scientifically researched monkies they became. The scientists had a bunch of scientific monkies and now they are notorious for eating and kiling their friend. So we are all naturally good but also savage and it takes education and knowledge to subside the savage ways inside us. We don’t need savage earth any more because we’ve given up on savage everything but will God almighty listen that we want no more savage upon out gardens any more?

Nobody can make you great but knowledge can make you good and you can make yourself Great.

Greatness is within but notoriety isn’t the greatest seek these days, one time notoriety was known as greatness cowboys and Indians and the cowboys cowboys gun fight one on one. The showdown was a killer of another cowboy by another cowboy but this notoriety was greatness once or twice but not now. Killing am animal isn’t even greatness nowadays, the Hunter’s elite hits aren’t counted as greatness any longer. So the ideology nowadays is it you aren’t good you are a worry to society and society will do anything to out a person who isn’t good nowadays. Sure we were naturally savage buy we are taught as children to avoid most savagery except some of it is too scary5ot too complex to be taught so it isn’t taught at all. We must teach only goodness, only to be good and do good. Like my motto; Do Good. Be Good. Is my simple life motto that keeps me happy alongside my stoicism. Withlout stoicism my motto would be useless and I would not live like I do, at peace with myself but I have had my run-ins with evil men wreaking havoc on my greatness but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. They can’t harm me now, and I’ve never been afraid either so I’m ati not afraid even though the hellish environment I’m enduring fear should be first call. Why should I let whatever it is ruin my motto and my level of feat being zero since day one until day now I would hope.

Summary of wanting to be good so that you will be seen as great

You probably aren’t thinking ‘i want to be good so others seee me as great’ and nor was I but this is what will happen to you. You will be seen as great not good but good at being great or great at being good. It’s an unfortunate side effect of trying to be good and wanting to be good, how others see it without your explanations and please if you’re planning to be good, never explain yourself to anyone. Blessings will be yours for a lifetime the less you explain and more you enjoy your goodness.

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