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Forget smoking even hospitals now have you disabled

Forget smoking even hospitals now have you disabled

by markeyJuly 25, 2020

Forget smoking?

What the.. are ye mad? How mad?

Well if you’re as mad as the NH everyone quits, no choice, alternatives but nothing like a smoke.

I sweat I’ve been having my hair off instead of smoking and there isn’t much left so thi hospital better let me out soon. And to sicken them I’m gonna send them a postcard thinking them for the quit help with a big ft xigr hanging from my lips. That’s how I’ll do it.

Absurd NHS policies taking away people’s basic right

It’s a basic right to be allowed to smoke but my have completely banned it and our basic rights? They don’t damned exists, it’s all a hoax.

It like Corona. How many family members have you seen in the news paper with a story about the virus affecting their family?

How in the bleeding heck did they get past the basic right law anyway

That’s right. You got it in one.

There are no basic rights.

They’re a lie o we don’t topple their regime and now www3 is looming we should topple it fast and furiously.

No doubt bout it.

If we just it here and let the do world war 3 (although I think the army are on our side) the world is over.

It’s over with world war 3 and without three, we are possibilities. Some may want it over, personally I did and now I don’t. I was an atheist and now I’m an agnostic atheist. Hope.

Now forget the silly stopping us smoking and do something about them and the end of their world, we live in it, we are the guards of the galaxy. Guard us. I can’t I have no team

EXCEPT my mystery admire who I love very much since the day I met him

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