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Four personality types you can label and get away with it because your empathetic nature flourishes properly

Four personality types you can label and get away with it because your empathetic nature flourishes properly

by markeyOctober 9, 2019

No you’re not idiots, the worst label of all but you are surrounded by behaviours and here are well known Erickson patterns.

Beavioural patterns that are 4 Eriksonian personality types.
Dominate = red
Inspiring = yellow
Stable = green
Analytical = blue

Hipocrates studies the behavioural differences and found the dominant have a behavioural difference suitable for overpowering others but can go too far and hurt people as we know. Imagine if you criticised a domination type, you’re gonna regret that. Hipocrates referred to this as dominant, decisiveness, competitiveness and hot tempered. Margaret Thatcher, Steve Jobs amongst others were known as dominant type by Eriksonian studying members of society.

Yellow are talkers and talk too much but can be hated and iked for it. They talk too much all the time and they’re either liked or hated for it, as well as the fact they have terrible listening skills. Nothing that can’t be changed but people struggle to change when listening is the problem. It’s a good indicator for a yellow if they talk too much and have bad listening skills too.

Listening skills aren’t hated by yellows but they are loved by the green personality types, but careful to label people, it’s only for purposes of getting your point across without hurting anyone. Greens would be the ones who might be likely to listen carefully enough to tell you these characteristics aren’t set in stone and shouldn’t be, nobody should be a book cover and nothing inside.

Blues are known as melancholic and perfectionist when perfectionism doesn’t exist you got to be careful of who blues are, if they claim perfectionism is a real thing. It isn’t and never will be, unless all turns to evil, well then we are f****d.

All other motions about these four categories is over labelled nature as singular when it’s so malleable. Allow nature to shine it’s malleable ability’s shining stardoms, that we have almost always been at jealous hardship with. No labels go further than this with me. It’s good to find a way to label the behavinours you see and knowing how to be recriprocal but too confident, never be too confident. Labels are useful but are diamonds forever? No. That label was touted true, and it’s not true so be careful. Labelling people can get your bitten or rise you to the top of a pile. Try to keep it positive and recognise there are way more than 4 labels but experts have found these four are most useful – so go with it and expand on it of you can.

When you feel surrounded by idiots you feel like something’s going on. The person who broke it down before deserves a medal (Thomas Erikson) and you should try and stay to four. This was Thomas Erikson’s answer to the ideology that you’re surrounded by idiots, you’re not. He broke it down to red’yellow,green,blue. Dominant, inspiring, stable and analytical. It’s the labels on people effectively placed for helping them get along with you.

Personally I’m against labels, labels are yuck but you’ll feel surrounded by idiots if you don’t now what you’re looking at. You’re looking at personalities that have needs, try not to judge or cobdemn but see the positives in their traits for your relationship with them, so you can put their live above yours, not below yours. When you’re gonna find idiots they’ll all be below you, so feel good about these labels and don’t share them, share a similar ideology but don’t feel as.confident as me, I’m doing this while listening to a firm believer backing this knowledge, I wouldn’t otherwise tread. I’m a less firm but know it’a necessary to help people stop feeling surrounded by idiots.

The stable personality type, the behaviours of a green stable person

Frantically searching for tranquility, here; it’s right here All you need is to know where to look. Tranquil people are the stable People, they haven’t found stability in everything and anything because nobody can but they have found tranquillity in everything, anything and anyone’s time for them causing instability. They have found themselves able to be ignorant blissfully either accidently or purposefully.

Ancient people used philosophy for life, the lifestyle most stable was stoic. We can do it againz today, now, amywherw, anytime, a good teacher will free you into the qualms tranquility even when you’re out of your depth can be brought to you at the click of a finger. Between NLP, Hypnosis, Philosophy, Stoicism, religion such as Buddhism and spiritual help we all have tranquility and peace at our figer clicking ability we just haven’t got that power, that knowledge. Ancient people did nothing without a mentor, the stable man probably had a mentor since any age.

This stable person is a good balance friend and it’s good to talk about and look at things from a balanced perspective and belong to their way of seeing things. See them who they are, not who others have wanted them to be or have been conflicted with them about their stability in an unable world. Who rocked the boat? These guys are on a yacht, nobody rocks.theit yacht, an army of people, a large ideology or organisation rocks their yachts. Don’t feel left out that you don’t get included on their yacht and if you are you are definitely on for love, love, love. Unecessary problems you or they will create here will be based around being on a yacht than a boat. One person per yacht, loyalty will get you into the yacht, and loyalty as a group you’ll all be on the yacht.

Don’t get green people wrong about change, if you’re throwing reason for change at them, don’t expect the yacht to be rocked enough for.helpful hands to stabilise the issue, they’re.also know what’s theirs and what isn’t theirs and sometimes they might not even know this so couldn’t even recommend you another person, any that do will know another person to whom they shall delegate your issues.

Dominant, the domineering behaviours of a dominant person and how it’s good for two, three four and more.

This is the dominant personality type and the first mentioned in the book surrounded by idiots. Once you know how to spot this personality type you will be as good as hipocrates who studied the different types of behaviour traits, basis four. They like fighting, they might be a ufc, a boxer, an illegal fighter. They could be anything dominance in the light/dark is what’s trustees necessary person.

So dominant is real, is something you can accept as real and something you have to watch out for. If you go to a dominant person trying to tell them what to do, well it’s going to backfire, unless you had 3 of the other labels as options to work with, and if you don’t, well practiced beyond these four labels. Work with these four labels with the dominant mindset, you are better than the intended recipient or the employee targeted by such closed information when you can open it out with an open mind and create a broader range of behaviours to get your point across or
make your friendship better. Asking your mate up be the dishwasher when he’s the dominant one, only if he was teaching someone else how to do it, is it dominant for him. It’s good to have four ideology of behaviour to go with but there’s zillions, let’s no go there.

Dominant people are useful if harmless so don’t expect so much knowing dominance exists, it’s time to understand how dominance can be made in the plan without feeling under anyone. Dominance needs to be under but complimentary options for dominance allow dominant people to see the bigger picture without feeling dominated and still dominant.

The good thing about dominant reds is they are ready to listen and will buy remember their yes to talking will be accompanied with opportunities to dominate the conversation because there’s dominance of existence in the next, very neat future and they’re generally excited to dominate. The ones who don’t even know will dominate it anyway.

Inspirational People can inspire you to suck eggs but let’s wait until you’re at least 90 for that.

Inspiring people who are amongst us have several characteristics that go unnoticed because so many times they are trying to inspire and unbeknownst a lot of people could be taking advantage while not caring about their inspiring ambitions. When you encounter a yellow, inspiring person, it’s time to put your best foot forward and keep your back foot effort to other situations.

Your best foot forward will encourage the inspiring people to keep doing it but not to allow themselves to be surrounded by idiots who don’t care about them and won’t be friendly and stick around. Wrong behaviours to have are inspirational in my opinion as you are threatening with your ideas and inspiration to the dominant and anyone who pursues the dream of dominance amongst us.

Be careful inspiring or the caring for inspiring people have great ideas that get stolen all the time because people let domination type people overule the heart of the time given to people around them. Never let the dominant ones tell you to ignore or steal from inspiring people. They will and they can but they don’t have power without you, do please uproot yourself from anyone, anything or any times.that dominance could use to lot you against a inspirational persons.

Delivering your message to any singular or mixed personality will now be easier but remember one label isn’t for everyone, everyone is not tarred by the same feather

To deliver your message properly find out their personality type and what filters you need to ensure your message is filtered to be received properly. Filtering the same situations as a blue would find productive could be for a yellow and red or just yellow. You can easily know getting your point across isn’t easy out there in the real world, saying it to your screen, yeah and aha I see, all well and good but not great if you aren’t able to be treated as per your personality cared and nurtured.

It’s not always easy to do this so even if you learn this and want to make use of it. You might as well pick up Eriksson’s book or books and get reading if you want to deliver your message to all types without friction or friction delegation prepared even when they didn’t know you would. Having the upper hand isn’t for negative usage and could be but people will know fast if you have bad intention so never use personality traits for bad purpose and best wishes with tackling life looking through a new lens.

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