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God just found my keys for me; then I hallucinatined ‘who is me’.

God just found my keys for me; then I hallucinatined ‘who is me’.

by markeyMarch 9, 2020
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God just found my keys for me then I hallucinatined ‘who is me’ on my jeans. Seems like God must be feeling sorry for me. I wonder what he’ll do next. I’ve grown to like him even though my life is shitty. I like that he surprised me with my keys. That was an awfully nice surprise, and then hallucinatined ‘who is me’ indicating there might be more gods out there than our heavenly father.

Only our heavenly father could do what’s done unto me, and finding my keys for me is a specialist thing, something so simple that opens up the door to talking about what God did for me. It’s out heavenly father that is on my path, maybe not, maybe another god. But if one god finds my keys for me then there is a chance I’m also communicating with our heavenly father.

That’s why I give up on condoms. I healed my own cuts and bruises and other people’s cuts and bruises. God is probably crying because I’m hurt and he has other things to worry about. The heavenly father is amongst us, but evil is too. Finding my keys for me was just a little thing God did for me that speaks wonders for how confident he is communicating with me. He shows only confidential communication that I share with others and finding my keys is brilliant detective work. I had lost them for days.

I wonder why God is communicating only with me. He doesn’t seem to communicate with anyone else and I’m an atheist. Maybe he loves atheist more than his religious people. Because they know him and don’t argue like us atheists do. I argued with God last night about my sleep and he said I could sleep until 12 afternoon and I woke at exactly 12. Dreaming of catching fish was the dream I woke up to.

I’ve heard Christians pray that they’re seeking their heavenly father, well he is with me and has allowed me to heal people. I was healing a purple mark on my friend’s back the other evening and it healed but then it came back again because God could be shy of something. He didn’t want others to know he’s helping me or has helped me.

I woke up in a puddle of blood with a woman screaming I needed an ambulance but when the ambulance came I was already healed and had to argue my way out of the ambulance but my clothes were still covered in blood. God said he rose me from the dead. Same thing when he broke the cupboard door when I tried to hang myself, risen from dead as I was already unconscious with no damage done to my neck.

There’s something going on in my life when it comes to god. He even had the minister bless me on my birthday, the minister was at the door of the church while I walked by so he cleansed me of my sin on my birthday. He that is spiritual should restore he who isn’t spiritual – Paul the apostle.

There’s no life after death, god made a fly in front of me to show me how it is made. He made a circle shape on the ground then inside that circle using his spirit he made the fly from scratch then told me that’s why there’s no life after death. When I created you, I did it with my spirit and when you die you RIP and that’s why I showed you making the fly.

I’m ready to serve God in whatever way he deems necessary because giving me my keys meant he was telling me he’d much rather help someone than not but he can only be in one place at a time? You can imagine if he prefers helping people then it is what’s created doesn’t necessarily think the same way.

I mean I have a bunch of hackers who want to know God but yet don’t get to know me, knowing God is always with me because they asked him to be. If they’d stop blaming god then he wouldn’t be getting angry and what they’ve done. They told me to find god and the job is done. God found my keys for me. God is ready to communicate and maybe show others things too. ‘Who am me’. God telling me he’d much rather help than harm?

Why did you send god to me then ignore me? I’m sad because all I’ve got is God and I’m an atheist, I can’t make use of God at all. Atheists wouldn’t do that. And god can’t leave me in case I’m devoured. I’m too important to god. Finding my keys the sweetheart all the same. God created other gods who are unjust, but let them be unjust. God is with me and I don’t know why. Please reach out if you need god. I have him with me 24/7 because he had made me important. If you want to know God he’s just went and asked me who he is. What do you want him to be?

A God that finds your keys or someone else? I’m bored of having god all to myself and maybe it’s impossible to create only just creature’s and other god’s so he’s SORRY and wants something better for us

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