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God mind controls the whole world all at once.

God mind controls the whole world all at once.

by markeyNovember 24, 2019

You think you are free American people? Think again. My discovery is that god controls 99.9% of the world population at the same time

He controls every industry and every person and he can’t prove it’s not true. God can’t prove it’s not true because it is true. I am a victim of god turning everyone away from me and ruining my life.

I haven’t got one friend or family out of over 1,500 global relationship I made with people. That’s because they’re all controlled by one man, God. He controls everything and everyone, sinner or Saint and glorifies himself the Saint.

The people who aren’t releasing this information are controlled and know about it, whether they can tell us or not is another question. If you can share this information and break god’s mind control of this world we can be free without his interventions. He has global control of everything – one man controlling everything. .

Think what you want about this information but not spreading the truth is an act of treason against those that god makes suffer. He controls 7 billion people and makes many suffer, most of us are suffering, not most of us are happy.

Only the importance of the person makes their happiness exist. God doesn’t want this information revealed so please pass it on your social media profiles and end his control forever.

Someone needs to stop god’s control forever because he shouldn’t be controlling 7 bullion people or any people without permission and he has no permission from me. I’m an atheist.

Please warn a brother and save a brother from god’s mind control and pass on this information today. I’m a big leak on what god does, and willing to stand in front of the world and tell everyone. God is Saint and sinner. 1, 2, 3 and 7 billion people all at once. Oust the mother tucker, kick out the epic mother tucker.,

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