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God won’t make evil impossible because he is abuser role

God won’t make evil impossible because he is abuser role

by markeyNovember 10, 2019

I’m a staunchly righteous atheist because I was afraid God would be the bad one. There only is one God and he is the abuser role and that’s what makes him not want to make evil impossible. He has played the abuser role from the beginning and will continue until somebody stops him and wittingly encrorces a world that is without god’s abuse. We don’t need god’s Grace, God shouldn’t be the abuser role, and he is there since  forever and forever more until somobody stops this mess of a world from continuing or god’s forced to end abuser role and end his life as an abuser to us.

I was an atheist since 6 years old because the stuff I heard at church made me wretch about God. He came into my life 5 years ago and destoryed everything, left me with nothing and continued to play the abuser role.

He connected with me, our 7 nation armies, i.e our armies of 7 billion strong human population.

God won’t give up his abuser role so we are better to fight back against God and stop praising him and tell the world that he abuses us as his abuser role takes more abusive though corporation, job, food, and etc. Controlling it all.

As he has connected me to a 7 nation army he wants rid of me to contol world war 3 and I have been saving the world from it for 5 years now and he won’t let me have oeacez sucicidal thinking but he fears the memory wiping he will have to do once hs dirty work is done. He has me in a position of power that I don’t want and I just want my friends and family back but they are controlled by him.

Being a staunch atheist was just part of his role as abuser, wait until I’m the right age for me not to see why nobody cares and get away with people not helping and all because he waited for the age to mature.

Well there you go, I’m saving you from God the abuser role, seeking contol of 7 nation armies and what are you doing for me? I’m getting sucicidal ideation given to me by God because he so badly wants world war 3. Please somebody change the course of god’s plan and take his abuser role away from him. For the sake of humanity, we should all die and serve God his justice having none left to abuse.

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