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Handbags and gladrags poem

Handbags and gladrags poem

by markeyMay 12, 2020

I forbid women to buy extremely expensive handbags,
It’s a joke to exist when the system is not as it was, done with handbags,
Instead we are handbags and gladrags and not a bit of care from the system Jokers make expensive handbags,
I’m not a fan of lavish living or lifestyle I think we can put back in than take out we are forc d to via tax when we would be better encouraged to give back,
There is a world that isn’t done it’s still developing missing links to a darker society,
All we need is to find the best system (probably Finland) and copy it for a better society.

Nobody likes to see a homeless person so why don’t we act on it, they’re glad with merely rags but worth so much more,
I know this is true as I was accepting homelessness until opportunity appeared, it isn’t even necessary.
It’s the opposite of necessary,
We don’t need homeless more.

Ending homelessness ends the unwitting gladrags as nobody will have rags,
It’s proven by the Finland system which leaves none as rags,
They have housing first approach, give housing first and things will be better than rags,
It’s true Finland have housing first approach and over 60% of the people recovery is successful and good,
It’s not about drinking your juice in the hood.

With a system like Finland housing first recovers over 60% of the people who are traumatised by or have bad habits,
So housing first approach is the way to fix bad habits homeless people learn,
We just need to be stern at the government, very stern.
I have an idea to grab this topic in global sight,
I don’t give up without a fight.

Globally homeless get called beggars bit they’re not they’re people who learn to be gladrags,

They’re worth way more and the history of homeless is apparently the 1800’s so it’s a new problem,
Historical society didn’t have the problem,
The only gladrags we have are homeless people accepting a system that doesn’t care and will even make you homeless trying to find work and fix the problem,
Man should not be without a job, is right but a job begins with housework and not gladrags,
It’s sad we trample the homeless and don’t give them a house than gladrags.

Every life is worth helping and giving hope,
Finland housing first wherever you’re from or whatever your background should go global, we have that ability and the people hope,
Here in Britain they stopped building council homes in the 1970’s forgetting the whole next generation and very sad,
We aren’t the type of people who they can say they tried a solution or had.

Finland is the only county doing a housing first policy with a system to help you get back to work,
There are loopholes here in the UK but only if you can afford the property, forget trying in London, you’ll never work,
We aren’t gladrags while joker women waltz round in very expensive handbags they paid for from work,
Yes so there is a broken system that’s easily fixed, what did history do differently that homeless is a problem since 1800’s and also work.

Gladrags is something the homeless accepted because the system is so broken,
It’s as if they deconstructed the historical system bit by bit and we are the results everyone is one paycheck from being broken,
And Believe me you might be accepting gladrags when you’re capable of so much more,
Broken is a journey that requires housing first and work focused social care to be so much more.

This isn’t the society we deserve, they’ve obviously broken the global system that used to exist,
Homeless being a problem since the 1800’s and the UK not building council houses since the 1970’s, why do the force us to exist?
They’re breaking a system since 1800’s is that what we’ve been going through?
I’m certain homeless wasn’t a problem before the 1800’s they used to reset the debt and straddle the cashflow,
If we’re going with the flow everyone needs a better system, lead by example, Finland scream and shout and let it all out we need better cashflow.

If you knew how long a £5,000 boost goes for a struggling failure it can be up to 8 years and here’s homeless after one year,
It’s not what we want to hear,
We want to know our system has our backs, were not one paycheck from end of our year,
Did they deconstruct a global pehenomena that global finance has existed for centuries and homeless appears circa 1800’s or there,
There there there it’ll be okay we are there

I’m trying to find the manager to complain leading by example in Finland isn’t what is becoming the normal thing,
They have housing first work focus and housing first help and over 60% of them are recovering clients who do well and thrive again,
It’s not like we want to fight a bane,
We just want that one more thing, that hurdle that’s money not yo be a homeless thing.

Anything better than facing homelessness, a live in au-pair, a friendly open door,
Someone with an open door and financial support isn’t always possible, we need the system to be an open door,
Even when we fail because we’re on paycheck from failure we don’t fail, we don’t go to homeless and lost,
That’s a case for global frost, everyone make the world like frost.

Power to the people, the next protest worldwide should be modelling FINLANDS housing first and work focused recovery for people facing homelessness, yes it can,
The Finland system works in that 60% success with recovering people facing homelessness as a struggle for us,
This system is proven to work and all we need is the love to know the difference and stand up for us and our one paycheck from homeless and that’s what we are, us.
If you’re not aware of Finland’s system for life and homelessness they are yo be learned from an yes we can.

Anyone reading this poem who is a good activist remember this isn’t about money it’s about recovery from homeless possible not impossible,
The thing is Finland are already doing it so it’s not impossible,
A work focused housing first system that works for everyone and anyone whoever you are and however you arrive at Finland so not impossible,
Their weather probably put them to the front of the queue for this system but it’s working,
Let’s all be the real king were born to be, even if we fail well be right back working.

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