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Heaven is a dream poem

Heaven is a dream poem

by markeyFebruary 3, 2020

Heaven is a dream poem

Heave is just a dream
An actual dream
God killing us to go there
It’s just not fair

Hiv and aids centuries old killer
That’s the big time filler
Filled you with heavenly dreams
Because we aren’t reams

Oh heaven is a place on earth
That’s not to die for
People killing people dying on earth
That’s not to die for

God said that the heavens are amazing
It’s just not that amazing
To go into your dreams for eternity
It’s a rather sickly eternity

Oh heaven has spoken to you
Through your dream state.
Heaven is simply fate
Hiv and aids upon you

God is feeble killing us
Just to put you in heaven
A dream is your heaven
A never ending dream for us

It’s not so bad if you don’t know
What you know will make your heart bleed
Suffering just to go into a dream you know
It’s not a thing I plan to seed

Be glad you’re okay and not dead
Be glad you’re fed because starvation puts kids dead
They go into their dreams for eternity
God rested the children for eternity

You will find a sickening ignoring feeling
But going to Dreamland is god’s plan for you
It’s just that you don’t know the feeling
Of being forced to go there by you

God is in control of you
You are the reason I’ll die
No more big english fry
Til the day I wouldn’t be in my dream for you

It just you’re under control
And you’ll ignore me til I’m dead,
Yes you and everyone under control
Well I guess I just have to suffer and be dead

This poem is about suicide and going into my dreams. We’ve all been there suicidal, god’s most damnig punishment of all, apart from heaven

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