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Heaven is synthesized; synthetic – so is life

Heaven is synthesized; synthetic – so is life

by markeyFebruary 18, 2020

Have you ever been in a dream or nightmare?

That’s what heaven is.

I don’t know if you decay, whether or not your heaven (Valhalla,) journey ends once you decay. I do know that heaven is your dreams.

Let’s face the facts

You’re a supreme being that doesn’t need to go to heaven because it’s a dream but you might go there anyways.

We can’t bear witness to heaven unless we dream ourselves. I’ve seen my friends in my dream so I’m going there alone whether I like it or not. My Valhalla journeys obviously begins when I die and ends when I decay. Nothingness after a while; just RIP. A GREAT ending to a peaceful life.

And you know that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself!

You see going to heaven is not to be feared but the fact you go there alone – is to be feared. Have you had friends in your dreams?

Seeing friends in your dreams means you go to Valhalla alone. And I’m.not trying to ruin it on you. I’m trying to communicate the idea we don’t need heaven, we just need to RIP.

There is no everlasting life in decay and we all decay and RIP

Despite the loneliness of a dream like state; Valhalla is a good place compared to earth, obviously short-lived for those who become cremated. Sorry to say my bros whoever went before me, my ancestors, my DNA, my Valhalla roots.

God would want you to RIP because he knows the suffering of eternal life because he himself may not be able to commit suicide

People come and people go just like people come and go in death so we’re used to losing people but god would want you to rest in peace so you have this peace of mind. It’s a beautiful ending to an almost synthetic life also. Especially if you’ve dreamed before and know what I’m talking about.

Valhalla is well known by brave warriors and although I didn’t intend to be, I have been brave my whole life in suffering so Valhalla would be the happiest ending possible except I know Valhalla like the back of my hand.

For you, you probably are researching about the facts about a synthetic heaven or a synthetic life. Life is synthesized at best with a belief in God. You just have to trust in God that he has the world in his hands and when it’s time to go, it’s time to go.

The ancients didn’t mind Valhalla and nor should you. So don’t get me wrong by telling you I’ve went there alone, it was peaceful happy time a good ending to a hard life is in store for us. God’s timing is probably based on when he’s in the area, either that or some people don’t go to Valhalla at all.

Not everyone dreams at the same time so there might not be a heaven for you and you’ll just RIP

Peaceful endings are the best endings. We don’t know what ending we have in store for us and as I mentioned on my previous blog about mental health the suffering we endure. It is only a peaceful ending to a world that took god 7 days to build but likely much longer. Yes god isn’t in the same area all the time, we need to believe this for the sake of humanity.

The longer you believe in heaven the more likely you’re gonna go there

God’s holy spirit can protect you from danger if they do wish. Those that are spiritual should restore those that aren’t said the apostles Paul. I think it was Paul anyways but not too sure.

The more you believe in something, the more it is good to give you it. That’s a theory even evolution can’t deny. Like Adam and Eve were probably hungry so they ate the fruit anyway.

Belief in something has caused many catastrophic events like the black death which at this moment as I’m writing this we have COV-19 virus which is probably able to kill everyone on the planet again like Noah’s ark.

Though god will intervene – we hope he doesn’t have to because the world believes we are ending. When it is more good to protect you and give your wishes, the more you are likely to have them. If you want money for drugs and god’s in the area – forget it. If you believe in unconditional love then have it.

Not everyone may go to heaven but it’s okay to believe in synthetic life and synthetic heaven

If you believe you’ll go to heaven god’s timing will see you through to Valhalla in your own way. Salvation to goodness isn’t a theory, demons have existed for centuries. God can’t even deny a demon it’s existence, but anyone can be their reason to change their mind.

Belief in a synthetic life doesn’t mean it’s SIN-THETIC life, it just means that you believe in something quite true

It’s not a sin to live your life as it is said we are all born with sin. Goodness exists and the evidence god’s holy spirit got out of control means that god himself doesn’t believe in sin. Seek your heavenly father and you may find him, if not having the correct beliefs to be surrounded by angelic spirits.

I’ve been surrounded during a miracle that happened in London, the Holy spirit came upon me like fire. It hurt at the time but my heavenly father made it right again. He comforted me and taught me what’s wrong with parenting and parent’s expectations for their children.

Parenting should expect their children to love unconditionally. This won’t affect culture at all so it’s not wrong that many parents know to teach their children this.

Your beliefs are your expectations.

I expect to heal the world from malice minded people and poverty striking people down like fire because God couldn’t control their situation at that time. He’s probably moves all over the world sporadically, dreams being proof that not everyone dreams at the same time. Or he has created millions of gods to give dreams like sandman the dream giver in eastern mythology.

When you go to heaven you will enjoy it as you enjoy your dream and all’s well that end’s well is a dream come true

The fact that all’s well that ends well is not a myth but factual, then we are not bombarded with malice about heaven. Thou shall not judge a book by its cover. If you haven’t dreamed ever them you must leave a comment and speak your mind so I can comfort you about this knowledge.

We’re not living in an ice age where we make god a victim of us. We’re living in an age of super-intelligent beings and if I’m not right about RIP, the people who died before us can come back as another life-form; maybe aliens.

Yes nobody is ever wrong in my opinion but I could be wrong about an afterlife because nothing is impossible with God. He created all things we know, from music to Paris and Berlin and every disco you get with your heart pumping for love.

It’s a geniuses world nowadays and ‘nobody ever really dies’ could also be true so fret not about your synthetic knowledge. Just do it the way it comes at you and everything will be okay.

Peace and love and light. Thank you.

Concluding and wrapping up

You don’t have to believe what I’ve written but you came here to learn about synthetic life and this is the life you know about. Though be open-minded and you’ll be just fine.

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