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Helping charity for free all over the world.

Helping charity for free all over the world.

by markeyNovember 28, 2019

There aren’t many ways than volunteering to help chairty for free than Amazon’s smile program and volunteering. That’s why you’ve got to listen to my idea.

Each subscriber is worth $1 per month to each subscription service so the more subscribers a service has the more bread there is on the table to share.

Free donations from email subscription

That’s why I ask on my front page for subscribers because this is where the money will come from for my charitable projects all over the world. My charity already reached all 4 corners of the globe thanks to Facebook and it’s 5000 friends allowed and the amount of friends I have on Facebook.

These subscriptions are absolutely free but you may be asked to buy stuff (where the bulk of donations for the foundation will come from,.) I may recommend you a book or black Friday deals. This when you buy I will have a priority over the profiting going on and turn it into fresh charitable money.
So if that doesn’t put you off please go to the homepage or subscribe below. It’s free forever and you never have to buy anything, you just help charity for free.. Thank you.

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