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How love is actually an illusion

How love is actually an illusion

by markeyApril 17, 2020

WARNING: I have two realities about God, one that God is only good and one that God is evil. This article focuses on God being evil because of demonic possession existing.

Realism is reality and I’ve always been a realist. I don’t hold back on things I know or fail to perceive things how they are.

Ever since encountering god’s demons I’ve been battling them every day of my life and I’ve lived for 32 years being bullied and harassed by them.

This led to a discovery path on what you can do to conquer them and there’s nothing you can do because they belong to God and God is power. We are weakness. The thing is why God has demons instead of Angels. Well that’s because god needs to create the illusion of good and love. To create the illusion he needs demons to do that. Without demons God can’t create illusion for us. Angels don’t exist, just demons.

Demons were created by God to control us but we believe there is angels and demons but there isn’t. Angels would destroy demons if they existed and as humans we would revolt God if we aren’t controlled by demons. Take away demonic control from us and we turn against god automatically. This is how human experience is had but without demons we see god’s world as a non-human experience, a devastating experience.

We do have to wonder did God create the demons after or before he created humans. Did god create the demons to control what we believe before he created us or did god find a new idea to keep us living the illusion that love exists at all. The very fact that evil exists and we allow it, is enough proof that we are all controlled by demons to ignore evil. Our ignorance isn’t natural, it’s demons in control of our minds that creates the ignorance. People say god is good because the demons make them believe that. Sadly angels, angelic demons don’t exist. There is the issue that God wants us to live believing good exists even when it doesn’t. Good can’t exist unless god is good. How is it possible god is good when he created a massive army of demons to control everyone on the planet.

Not one of us is free from demonic control. We are all controlled and our happiness, reality, love, success is chosen by the demons. While we are communicating with other people the demons decide our fate. They decide whether the relationship between us and others works or not. This is how loneliness happens. The demons confer with the possibility of friendship and decide between them that there won’t be friendship. This is how relationships are created and breakdown. Demons decide, not us. We are not in control of our emotions, mindset or beliefs. The fact that we don’t get healed is because god’s demons would just undo it. If we got healed within any amount of time demons will take the healing away and god would be caught. This is why God doesn’t answer our prayers for healing. His demons are evil and will get god caught and ruin the whole setup we live.

The setup is a stage with demons communicating the plans between them but using us to plan. This is why there has been so much war, illness and death. The demons decide what they want and then they use their control to achieve it. They decide our memory strength, feelings, emotions, abilities and happiness. They keep it balanced enough to keep the good and love Illusion alive. They communicate globally to ensure they don’t create any suspicion about God. Even though they control us all they still are cunning by communication globally together as one rythm. They are the worst thing you could know about because once you do, you learn that love and good doesn’t exist. Not one person is free from being a demonic slave. A slave to the plans of god and his demons. If the demons don’t agree with god he will just execute the demon and create a new one that will be obedient to god until it can also be executed for disobedience.

Disobedience to god is possible for us through demonic control but disobedience to god from demons isn’t possible. They are completely commited to creating the illusion of love and goodness. They must obey god’s original plan for us. To have us live in a loveless and non-good world but to continue living even though we need love and goodness to be real in order to have human experience. We don’t have human experience without angelic humans existing and we don’t exist because god’s demons are in control.

As for angels that are the opposite of demons. Well, they don’t exist. They are not a creation God made. God never created angels because that would go against his original demonic plan for us. The demons are more important than is because god gets his kicks from seeing us suffer. We are to suffer for god in a balanced environment, just right for nobody to think goodness isn’t real while we can’t achieve this thinking without freedom from the demons. We will never be free because there are people who know that do nothing while they have the ability to. Well, not exactly, it’s actually 100% control of us that the demons have. We don’t have free will. Even babies have a demon crested for them if there isn’t enough demons available. As population increases so does the amount of demons that God creates for us. It’s important for god to ensure we never live a free will life. As that would give us a chance to change the things God does to make life suffering than goodness, love and happiness. Nobody on the planet is truly happy, truly loved, or truly good. None of these things exist because the demonically possessed world is a different belief than ours. The demons are close to god. They know exactly what God wants. We aren’t close to god and we choose to believe there is good while the demons help us to see beyond the fact it’s so obvious that goodness doesn’t exist. They make us ignorant, serving gods planning in the process.

God doesn’t want us to enjoy our lives but to keep it subtle we are given places to exist that are free from war and extreme suffering. The extreme suffering is kept to a minimum or a balance that makes us believe that there’s a possibility we are maybe part of something good and evil. We are part of something that is only evil as god’s plan for us is to stay beyond being called evil, even using demons to make people insist that God is good when he isn’t. He didn’t even create angels, just demons.

The fact that we are not loved, not good and not happy is evidence I’m right. The very fact that evil exists at all is questionable. How on earth is evil existing and nobody doing anything about it? Thus we are all victims for the illusion via demonic possession.

It’s a sad reality to learn god himself abuses us. That he owns and controls demons, not angels. He doesn’t have any such thing as angels. They are our only hope but if they existed they wouldn’t serve God knowing what he created demons for. So we live in a hopeless place, there is no hope that there is something to fend off the demons. The realist within us doesn’t exist either as we are confined to what the demons want us to believe. They live in another realm where they can’t be seen. There is maybe a way to see them but unsure about that. It’s called a realm by the people who know about it. They can’t do anything though because they’re also under control. God loves demons but he doesn’t love us. The demons serve the purpose god wants and we don’t. We serve the opposite purpose. We are love, goodness, happiness and god doesn’t like that. God likes to ensure there’s enough suffering to satisfy his cruel intentions for us. So God loves demons but nothing else is loved. Maybe lions and animals with same way of life are liked by god because they cause suffering. To cause and influence suffering is important to god because he wants to satisfy himself that happy, good and love don’t actually exist.

God gets his satisfaction from the suffering in the world. It’s why he ensures we know about healing etc. but God doesn’t heal us and wouldn’t be able to because the demons would reverse the healing and god would be caught. What we believe about god and the heavens is completely wrong. The core attitude of god is to undermine us and jade us to get his satisfaction. He is satisfied only by seeing suffering implemented by his demons. Every new suffering by the demons is reported back to god so that God can go and spectate and maybe even increase the suffering. Demons can’t stay in existence if they disobey god so they always ensure to create balanced suffering through global communications.

When the demons start a war they plan in advance which demons will take what side. They plan meticulously to control the side they’re on and other demons plan which side they will control. They choose who is David and who is Goliath in advance. Then they get to war and manage the war so the winner that was chosen wins. They aren’t going away any time soon. We are at the end of the world and they are still not caught. They can’t be caught because the control us and they don’t want to be caught because god will execute them if they do and they are eternal life, while we are mortal. We are mortal because there is no purpose for us than suffering for god’s satisfaction.

Conclusion and Wrapping Up

We are not living an aware life, we are not awake and we never will be. We have been executed the day we were born and a demon attached itself to us. Once we are born we have a demon attached to us and the plan for us is given by god. God instructs the demon how long we will live, whether we will be bullied or be bully etc. How people become bullied is communication between the demons to ensure the weakness – for being bullied, is available and enable the bullying. That’s how bullying works even though it’s not logical that one person becomes the victim over and over again. Bullying is the only evidence we need for demons. The only evidence we need that angels don’t exist too. Demonic possession begins the day you are born and doesn’t end until the day you die. Wake up and find yourself, if the demons even allow it.

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