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How to build a website on your own domain

How to build a website on your own domain

by markeyMarch 11, 2020

You’re not using the internet correctly if you don’t have a blog. Billions of events happen in your life that you can blog and be happy that you’re creating new content for the internet, also.

Building your own website on your own domain can be done by mobile app or laptop (notebook), Windows, Microsoft, Linux etc.

You don’t want to know every single way there is to do it, but here’s the top recommend for from scratch websites with extra added tips where to buy domains, where to register a domain and how to build a website from scratch on your own domain, perfectly and rigidly.

No in-step guide provided however the top tip is to produce high-quality content for the best results. However this doesn’t mean writing more words, it means that you need this advice before you think about building your own website.

You’re only going to find it harder to do if you don’t use the right tools or you can learn from scratch like I did, but let me tell you some of the best ways to build a website on your own.

1. 90 Second Website Builder

Okay it’s not perfect like WordPress but it’s easy to use and anyone can do it. You’ve got an easy to use website builder that absolutely anyone who can try will be able to build a website.

There’s a multi-purpose website design software that’ll have your website looking how you want it to, and not to anyone else’s specification. You want it your way so have it your way.

There’s a harder task adding a blog though so recommended more than that is other options because a blog is so important for your rankings.

You’ll not add a blog easily but you’ll make a great website easily.

2. WordPress

WordPress self hosted isn’t that easy to do but it can be done by a total beginner within days using themes and a bit of know how. You can Google almost every problem you have along the way and you’ll so easily have a blog.

Adding a blog to WordPress isn’t hard at all because it is a blogging platform. You’ll want to blog as much as possible to keep your Google rankings for your homepage above the others or in a safe place for client-getting power. Your blog keels your homepage ranked, and that’s factual.

Self-hosted WordPress is tricky to deal with, however within a few hours or a few days you’ll have a super website up and running. What I love about WordPress is the learning curve and how you can change your design at any moment; unlike 90 second website builder WordPress uses themes.

3. Wix

You’ll love Wix for its simplicity. It also uses themes and can be easily manipulated to contain your website’s content just like that. You can also do this on mobile. On mobile they have designed an app.

You’ll want to buy a domain first from I recommend buying your own name or a catchy business name that you’ve dreamed up. After that you can connect your domain to Wix for use later.

I recommend Wix for any business as it’s templates are easy to manipulate to what you want your website to look like.

4. Hire a professional

There’s nothing better than hiring a professional to do the work for you. They can have your website up in a jiffy, to become the website you need it to be. You don’t have to think too much with this option.

The professional should be a professional copywriter too if you want a real professional website. There’s no other option than hiring professional copywriting duty with your website. Be careful who you hire and that they are certainly a professional copywriter too.

5. Blogspot

Blogspot is a service from Google that you can point your domain at. Then it’s a self hosted version of Blogspot. You want to build a blog along with your website and that’s why I recommend Blogspot. You’ll be in the blogosphere in no time.

It’s so easy to build with Blogspot with hundreds and thousands of tutorials on how to use it, online ready for your eyes. There isn’t much else to say about Blogspot than it is a preferred Google service so you can be sure you’ll rank eventually. Just make sure yo blog a lot to keep your rankings up.

Conclusion and wrapping up

There are many websites to build your own website on your own. They come in all forms and shapes but WordPress is highly recommended alongside 90 second website builder for ease of use and wow factor. There’s a learning curve to website design so hiring a professional might be your best option so long as they are professional at copywriting and SEO.

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