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If meditation won’t fix it nothing will

If meditation won’t fix it nothing will

by markeyJuly 28, 2020

Meditation and prayer are the same thing except meditation is not directly at god or god’s helpers which makes it at the universe.

If the universe can’t do it, who can?

Maybe god can’t do some things.

Let’s hope the universe can.

While we meditate our first most important meditation is to protect ourselves from negativity.

Negativity will destroy a perfectly normal person as they argue their point needlessly because meditation will pray away the negative effort. Negativity can’t beat meditation, it’s eventually beaten because the universe is strong and powerful for us. It even heals us when we ask it, through meditation and believing in being healed. Sadly god doesn’t do the same thing according to what I’ve heard.

The negativity fom the universe is trying to make more fallen angels, we are all angelic until we fall but if we know not to fall or how to get back up the effort is hopeless. Also UNCONDITIONAL love will never let them win so in the end goodness always wins.

Bad things happens because bad education. When education improves so will goodness. Until then we ate stuck between badness and goodness forming out world.

The second we must do is eliminate Satan from our lives. Get him out and make him useless. His great achievement is temptation. Let him tempt no more.

When education improves so will the ability to beat Satan, he will be as if dead but still alive he will have nobody to devour. This hasn’t happened because we obviously live in a world that someone still wants Satan to rule a roost. Let the cocks crow and oust this menace satan leading fallen angels into darkness and keeping put world in darkness.

Personally I’m am atheist but not an ignorant one, I’m one that tries to save people from all kinds of harm, illness and miseducation..we must be educated better but whoever runs the world doesn’t want it. I do, and I’m sure many others do.

Until whoever runs the world stops letting evil like satan devour us through miseducation. He tempts us to do bad things according to scripture so that must have am end of humanity has progressed. Humanity has evolved so.fat goodness should have prevailed by now but whoever is running this world isn’t allowing it.

Thirdly we must end we have a thitst for anything for doing anything we wouldn’t otherwise do.

We must ensure all people have no taste for anything they wouldn’t do so nothing can use money or other persuasions to encourage them to do things. Money, sex, fame, and all sorts of barter are used. All people need to know not to do it. The money one can be eliminated but then there are others which need eliminated too.

The thirst within must be quenched by better means than doing bad things. Drugs should be made lawful and then everything else is a bad thing that no persuasion should persist a have-a-go Harry. Look we are not here to hurt each other life is too beautiful.

Someone somewhere is keeping it made wrong so we all suffer the pains of harm and hurt. We are apparently run by the same society for millenniums. Until they’re toppled our evolution has been useless. Will we get a chance!

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