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I’ll find something like you poem

I’ll find something like you poem

by markeyMarch 16, 2020

Oh you aren’t a something to me,
Oh let it be,
You’ve always been something to be,
Not something to me.

I’ll need to find something like you,
Because all you ever do,
Is ruin my day,
Don’t get on my fray.

It’s something out there,
That you don’t dare
To be there,
And be fair.

I’ve been searching high and low,
For that flair you got,
I don’t much throw,
For you definitely don’t have this got.

I’ve been up and down, low and high,
Don’t be so nigh,
I’ll see something like you,
Instead of a tree yew.

You’re not the only one,
I’ve got a phone,
On there is dating apps,
To avoid the faps.

Oh how naughty I’d be,
If it weren’t for you and me,
You don’t got this,
For this is this.

I’ve been searching for someone like you,
You’re on of the few,
It’s to delve deeper,
Because it’s getting steeper.

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