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Is everyone letting the world die and be ill?

Is everyone letting the world die and be ill?

by markeyDecember 5, 2019

If children are dying from illnesses. That means monks/nuns and/or prayers have been feared to heal them. If that’s happening then it’s just the same as children dying from illnesses. Monks/nuns and prayers are only letting children die from illnesses because of being feared not to, if they’re dying at all. I know I got help from prayer when I was at the children’s hospital. I didn’t know then but I do know now.

If children are dying from illnesses then it’s just as bad thing if it’s without monk/nun or prayers as dying from illnesses at all. Therefore we don’t have any cooperation with justifying life at all. Life isn’t justified if there is death before life, many of us aren’t living until after 30 or more. So death can’t justify the world alive if it’s happening before old age. Unless explicit circumstances don’t have any intervention chance, there isn’t any way to justify a world alive if death happens under possible intervention and/or monks/nuns being feared into letting anyone die.

Intervention with monks/nuns is anything up until a person is beyond Life already, then Jesus would be only possible ressurection power over monks/nuns. They can only justify healing up until death has already occurred, then spirit with someone such as Jesus could intervene without question. Monks and nuns used to bless society and that’s why so many worship places exist, their job was to bless the community and know you by name, especially should they be called by your injured side. Knowing you by name they also know your requests concerning healing you at times of need.

Nowadays the church is much different and is focused upon Jesus quickly returning but the lack of preparation means if Jesus exist or didn’t exist that returning has no preparation and Jesus can’t return without a standstill at least as preparation. Otherwise Jesus chooses the wrong battle with us, to bring back healing and resurrection or try change the world as we all aren’t much different to our secret based warring middle of earth society. Yes, middle earth must conform to a standstill, or we must try to get a standstill that requests Jesus to return quickly and restore the church of Jesus Christ. As we have run out of time for much other preparation of Jesus return, a standstill at the East and West request for Jesus to return to a peaceful and weapons laid down world. Return quickly Jesus can with preparation and at this late stage, calling a standstill will enable Jesus to return

Obviously Calling an amnesty would follow and if Jesus didn’t return quickly then we all know where we stand with the creationism theory and practice of times now hidden in history lessons for reasons I personally don’t know. Like this, you can’t find information on spiritual interference on earth, however I’m lucky to have learned there was a large haunting in the 1700’s that became the most prominent haunting of today’s hidden knowledge on spiritual existence. The ‘horrible histories’ must have been true because as a society they requested God to forgive the haunting whereas today, nowadays we’re too good to forgive the evil they experienced, I have experienced it alone and sadly the spirit has learned to haunt sporadically and there are vulnerable victims everywhere because as a majority haunted like the 1700’s we wouldn’t pass forgiveness unto them. A common example of spiritual warfare is psoriasis but it’s nothing compared to what many very vulnerable people such as the homeless have to endure. Spiritual warfare was hidden after that majority forgiving in the 1700’s. That forgiveness pushed the warfare into hidden warfare and obvious global ignorance of the spiritual warfare manifesting as psoriasis et all.

Today’s society wouldn’t forgive the haunting of times gone by, ‘i will set the spirit upon you,’ the problem with This is the spirit wouldn’t be able to stick to one warfare act, being set upon us to bring out the survival instinct, a positive reason for the haunting but only announced as such. Due to the unecessary spiritual warfare manifesting as attacks on vulnerable and common illnesses which is universally ignored, meaning that too many vulnerable victims, homeless people given fiercer attacks than people less vulnerable means that the forgiveness in the 1700’s was from a ‘horrible histories’ society whose choices don’t dictate the evolutionary goodness prevailing the horrible histories way of life. Spiritual warfare may have been forgivable by ‘horrible histories,’ but Goodnesses evolution doesn’t match the forgiveness and the cowardly spiritual warfare manifesting as illness and worse as we are more vulnerable.

There are two reasons life and the universe aren’t justified. A spirit that heals is causing harm to vulnerable people and refusing to heal and assist Goodnesses evolution. Children are dying from illnesses and injuries due to the societal change from nobks6/nuns healing and no preparation enough to allow Jesus’ return. We are too far gone for forgiving the past as we are being treated as if we are’horrible histories’ without evolving Goodness generally in society. Globally competitive Goodness has been delegated to spiritual existence and it’s ignored the secret of the existence to overule our Goodness, for one of two reasons, to bring us down a level and expect forgiveness, not possible, the buck stops somewhere, someone’s got to draw a line in the sand etc. Just because it can and this is where our justification for earth with Life is impossible because intelligence beyond imagination defies our Goodness to be evil we’ve hidden because it’s not a bit acceptable today as history’s ‘horrible histories’ would have even had to forgive for not being any better themselves, whereas we have only one step to demand delivery from spiritual warfare, asking/commanding a standstill for Jesus to return And it’s that easy for us to have no need to forgive any certain evil amongst us. There is evil committed mistakenly, I would know as I have been there done that. Then there is spiritual warfare, which can’t be stopped by one man alone and sadly we are kept hidden from its knowledge, even diagnosing it’s harms as illness such as psoriasis. We are one step from not having any need to forgive illness, but rectify Jesus return to have no harmful purpose, turning judgement to supporting societies wishes whether it’s ending the whole thing entirely or returning historical healing and resurrection. One step clears us from having to forgive as horrible histories does but that only applies to powerful people which I hope isn’t a majority because then I’m not sure if I want to be so different from the rest of us or be a weak ability to save us from evil having to be forgiven again. Gosh no, not another 1700’s repeat. We mustn’t have to forgive evil again, we have come too far to give up who we are.

To;Dr: society used to be blessed, healed and possibly resurrected by monks/nuns etc. But nowadays our Goodness is missing these helpful responsive comforts. If children are actually dying and people die before old without any possible saviours then life and universe aren’t justified and to forgive evil choosing to be evil isn’t supported nowadays, nor do we have to. We are not the same as before that we have to forgive evil and I think evil knows we win, and we don’t have to forgive this time while evil can’t resist continuing to be evil and expecting forgiveness as before. We aren’t the same horrible people who have to forgive, the evil is beat and glorify the win with only one step, call for a global standstill, amnesty etc. Then evil is only one step away from being impossible to forgive. Example of spiritual warfare manifesting as injuries to vulnerable people: (link:

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