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Is your life on predetermined autoscript?

Is your life on predetermined autoscript?

by markeyFebruary 18, 2020

Here I am burning the midnight flame for you.. today’s question being about your life being predefined, predetermined like being on autoscript, no free will whatsoever.

And then you have the willpower to not believe this but it could be true.

We’re not to far from the end also so don’t go making any rash decisions predestination theological person.

This is a big question that takes a lot to talk about but what can we do about that? We can break it up into 3 or 4 parts, I’ll decide right now. 4 parts, let’s break it up into 4 parts.

Let’s get started.

If you’re on predetermined, predestination autoscript there’s nothing you can do about it

So let’s say that you really are predetermined to do all that you do, all that we do. Our divine creator has done it before and we’re just a repeat. The. The repeater has been set to our predetermined mode and there’s no going back.

It sounds like a logical explanation for all the evil in the world. It sounds like a logical explanation that we have a divine creator that doesn’t seem to care about evil. And we’re all just on repeat from the last time the world ended.

Yes living in end times we see advanced technology outwit evil but not overcome it. Proof we might be predetermined and predestined for our end and demise very soon. We can’t change it if that’s the case. Maybe our divine creator put us on repeat a billion years ago and now it’s the end again. He’s up the playing his PlayStation.

Burning the midnight flame after only one hours sleep awoken by the divine creator is more proof it might be autoscript

Typing this right now at 1.56am after only 1 hours sleep is a fault in our stars. The divine creator decided to wake me up to write this? I don’t think so, there’s more intelligent things to be doing.

So the plot thickens for you, you’re seeing an example of evil and evildoer coming together rightly as the argument unfolds for predetermined life on earth.

We’re on autoscript until the end baby. We can’t change it and that’s all there is to it. Either that or we aren’t but what divine creative person wakes someone up to write this holy crap at this time of night?

You’re auspicious awareness proves we are predetermined for failure and horror

How many evil things do you know of in the world?

This fact is suspicious and auspicious to us. It’s like the simple evil of waking you up at midnight to write holy crap that doesn’t make sense and the fact that I’m actually determined to write it, all the more dissatisfying.

All the evil in the world can’t be counted in one hand, two hands, two hands and two feet. Nope. There’s so much evil we can only be predetermined to do this evil acts. Surely the divine creator isn’t present as this evil unfolds more and more and more.

Surely he’s done it all before and left us on autoscript. It doesn’t say much for happiness in people. The long road home, we have chosen to continue until the end of the world or we were predestined to go to the end of the world.

We’re going all the way to the end of the world and nobody cares we could end it sooner

I’m not stupid and nor or you.

We’re at the end of our tether with this world but nobody cares to end it. We have come so far but yet very little has been done about evil and suffering in the world. Earth is a haven for evil not good and the Divine creator doesn’t care.

I haven’t placed faith in anything but ending the world but because I’m probably predetermined I’m not going to have any hell from our divine creator. He’s up there playing his PlayStation ignoring what’s happening because it’s all predetermined from a lesser intelligence from times gone by.

Like Florence nightingale and god theory. She actually believed in god and hospital at the same time. How on earth do you do that and not feel stupid?

Of course a kid could be fooled but not adults, adults are adults and kids are kids. Sure you’d pull a bit of wool over their eyes because they didn’t choose to be born either. That’s if your predestination has that in store for you.

Concluding the predetermined life theological studies

This was fast and easy coverage to learn quickly about being a predetermined human robot of times gone by or something different. And I hope you enjoyed. Thank you.

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