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Jesus is not coming back? but listen to this instead? Love yourself.
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Jesus is not coming back? but listen to this instead? Love yourself.

by markeyMay 13, 2020

Right we are mad to believe Jesus left us at all unless he was very much bullied out from society and had to leave. It’s very saddening that the idea that Jesus the healer left us, it’s impossible beliefs. That’s how you do it, logic, common sense. Who, what, where, why, when, analysis, review, conclusion. My theory for obtaining great knowledge. This process helps my failure to believe Jesus was a real character, at least by the Bible’s description of crucifixion etc. Do you really think god is an absolute loony bin? His enemies might act like they are but it’s assured that those that went before us knew god better than us and still kept us going, so how can you even begin to believe God is anything other than good and in the end he will hurt at least one person. He would have to know and we are in that time, we are at the time where God may hurt at least one person to learn from it and achieve greater for us. I’m not that one, don’t worry God guards me not harm me. He guards me even though I tell him to leave the armour and go enjoy himself.

Jesus would have been so heavily armored that the existence is so questionable you wonder what really happened. And if you believe God is going to sit back and know people are being crucified then you don’t know God. Heaven/Valhalla can’t accept distasteful people who can’t be stilled so be still instead of worrying about Jesus. To be honest it’s more true that I’m the only ever Son of God than it is that God provided Jesus. I won’t go into detail but I’ve been dead more than once and that’s probably about as much info as you need. The invincible don’t exist, God isn’t everywhere at the same time he can only choose his battles wisely. To be honest before writing this I needed to be stiller than I am and asked God to assist but I’m sure this is free will because it’s about God’s other son that I’m saying didn’t happen.

I guard God’s reputation because I know God never hurt anyone more than a plague of locusts would, that’s about as destructive God has ever been to humans. A peaceful way to settle drama in the village. Yes, HIV never existed and nor did any virus or germs. They don’t exist and people who get ill and die want to die but we aren’t all like that, God roams and sometimes passes over those in need because helping everyone isn’t what God does, he helps those that he finds in need. With me he found someone needing heavily guarded as being labelled something important to God that cannot be touched or harmed. Of course this was tested in theory and they regretted even trying. Slayed by God’s angels for over stepping the line and trying to harm his loved child, the loved human he chose to love because no superhero can save everyone. As time progressed God has gotten better at planning things for us without affecting us or disturbing us too much. Healing doesn’t happen because the system doesn’t give God the ability to do it with common sense and logic in place.

Sorry. God does heal people. A woman in Iran prayed for her blind son to be healed and God (angel Gabriel and Raphael probably included as the healing angels) healed the boy from his sight problem but here we are still needing God’s healing. Well don’t distribute yourself too thinly is human advice and God’s in the same boat. We aren’t given a set of rules than the man made rules about God that are heathen words and are against God, yes we are provided word of God that is actually against God but God doesn’t get angry people do. God does everything he can to assist good people but the bad people distract God from the good people and God is always at arms length from the good because bad people get in the way. Right now in this world God has taken control, fully operational by God and free will. We are without anything between us and God nd it’s the right timing why this is happening. At the end of time God will find reason to scrap the good and bad ideology and put everyone in the same boat because at the end we all go in the same boat, good or bad. Trust me heaven/valhalla is paradise this is where God really does make the effort to lead you by still waters. A few moments spent in the heaven/valhalla will teach you great things about life but God can’t do it for everyone as once again we are our own planet not God’s planet. We don’t belong to God or nor does God think he owns us, God gives us saints and sinners to know the example of right from wrong and we are to make our basis for life from the difference between right and wrong. Even the bad find it very hard to kill anyone known as good. Mother always said, it’s hard to kill a good one. Gladly nobody led me astray in life and God never left my side just like if Jesus was real existence God would never have left Jesus’ side because Jesus is a character who truly is love beyond words and would never harm a fly, woops I did harm flies but I redeem myself somehow for the mistakes I make.

Jesus is a beautiful idea until the end of the Bible when things get gnarly and so against God’s character that we couldn’t not expect the events to start happening to the people wrongly believing i them through other foces such as mother nature or whatever else exists. For the past 32 years God never left my side with his trusted assistants ensuring there was no interference with God’s true image for himself and us. That the most troubled warrior can learn to still himself and if he can’t there is valhalla/heaven that will do it for them. My first visit there I was walking on water and/or parting the river and doing handstands which I can’t do and when my friend asked me to come hither I was unwilling to leave the area I found myself in. As much as I try to say I didn’t experience this I was given the peace from valhalla/heaven from the moments i sat there wondering where exactly I am but having no clue my friend had taken me to heaven/valhalla for a short time to still me and show me how you can be stilled without ever being upset. Yes God was very careful to ensure I was comforted by any pebble on the road upsetting me and my life was and still is very enjoyable even though I took the fall others put on me while rfusing to allow the fall to ruin my good name and God’s effort for my childhood education. God’s plan is always good but men’s, the unjust they call themselves don’t always have good plans. Good plans requires good people and good people are still with life going on around them but always still. To be led by still waters in an environment that wasn’t earth is a great memory t have as I achieve stillness again and with God’s extra help to steer me when requested this day more than any other day or ever before asked, yes to be led by still waters I asked and received each time I asked.

You mustn’t mistake God for evil men or the works of evil men, God never plans bad things or harms anyone and would ony ever choose to hurt someone at the end when he would need to know the difference himself. That if he were to hurt someone would he forgive himself and the answer to that is no. God would never forgive harming someone or anything in his presence by his hand. Heaven/Valhalla will still us all when it’s time to go, our time on earth was precious but we must inhabit a different place now and to know this stilling situation before it is necessary I can more than happily stand by everything that exists on this planet because all are stilled at the heavens/valhalla. It’s an amazing thing to have been stilled at such a location, to have walked on water, parted a river and done handstands with my friend. To leave was a misery but a moment all but forgotten until now I’m writing to you that the world doesn’t end, it’s neveredning because as much as we could try say everyone should die God would be having to kill people who don’t want to die.

Worst case scenario we all get put in the same basked and we all get tossed overbaord but I’m a solution focused person and I believe that God didn’t show me Valhalla/Heaven and it’s stilling abilities for me then to become this scribe for this aricle that JEsus would already be back if Jesus was a real story about a Jesus that wants to come back. I#m already here, I don’t need to come back. I’ve been the most valiant warrior for you peiple, i stood up to evil men of giant proportions and rebuked their evil deeds in every way I could, sometimes I got it wrong, the inner warrior lashing out but I corrected myself and up-righted myself and stood by myself not knowing God was there. God din’t ever let me know he is real beause I am very strong willed and I would neverhave given my life correctly to write something like this. I would never have had the chance to write something like this and make it sound great. Well it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to be, but guess what if the ark isn’t on earth and it’s heaven/valhalla we should be grateful that God cares at all. Maybe it’s a lst message for hope and we’re all in the same basked but I’ll stand by you and whoever stands by me will stand by God’s love for us. The true love not like it is written but as it is written in the Vedas, the one true source for knowledge about God. Only the Vedas contains truthfulness about God and damn they’re lucky children to be gifted such powerful knowledge. As an expansion pack enthusiast we won ‘t be forever guided by God, God guides when it’s for the greater good, and not when it isn’t. God only does what is for the greater good every time since the very start. The comb through fineprint is what we’re good at these days but evil men were good at combing texts they created to find patterns and then try to build the good people’s lives around these patterns. Let’s speak no more evil already and take time to think what everyone still, as if led by still waters would be like. Majestic? It wasn’t possible on earth because we are life and the greater good is life that has been led by still waters at every time necessary. In other words, as long as you live keep learning how to live. When God is there he will do what is for the greater good. Like guarding me even though I put others before me and not myself so there’s no reason to guard me than my passion for other people’s wants and needs. Believe in better. Peace, Love and Tranquility.

To my knowledge sensitive topics should be approached with great caution however here I am not able to know what to say than to write about topics that are of interest, without being overly optimistic or pessimistic either. Being as real as I possibly can. I am neither for or against other people’s beliefs.

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