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Keep your life in the sunshine, a million and one ways.

Keep your life in the sunshine, a million and one ways.

by markeyNovember 3, 2019

If I were to write the million ways it would defeat then purpose of this article for you would be in ruins. So yes, and unfortunately for those seeking a list of 1 million ways I’m looking into this as an ideology that you will seek some of the many ways and become immensely joyful like me, a joyfully inclined all would find it hard to affect it. Unfortunately we aren’t all joyful and most lg I are sour gits.

So here we are intellectually processing the labours of my works for myself to be a better person for you, so you can love to love a sunshine life every day whatever is happening. Remember the birth contract you signed? You didn’t sign any and nor would you. There isn’t a hope in humanities entire history that you would sign a çontract to live the Doom and gloom of history and present so here’s some methods not to. Let’s start with Philosophy which there is a grand list of types here on Wikipedia. Philosophy comes in so many different types for different things, some are for making you unhappy and without joy.

SeeThe number of philosophies available might scare you away from this ideology but I’m going to shorten your learning with the Stoicism philosophical just.

That which is external to you should never be allowed to interfere with your internal self. Don’t let people’s lives or choices or any happenings affect your internal happinesses and joy. You’re internally joyful without letting yourself or others affect your joyousness. Though this internal joyousness exists, the other agenda is to support and agree with building upon internal experience .

The stoic agenda

Stoicism is a philosophical approach to eternal joy, to inner peace and satisfaction with your feelings and thoughts most of the time. When stoicism begins to seep into your body and mind you will find that you are very lucky to know how to work this philosophical life into your life. I’m rooting for amyone who reads this to find out how to get the ball going again as if you’re a kid. If you work really hard with this philosophical approach to life you can get back being as if just a kid again. Kids residence is amazing and Stoicism give you that joyous childhood happiness that allows for the life you love to return. People all over yhe world need this philosophy but Encouragement doesn’t seem to be on the menu.

We spoke about the list of Philosophy just back a bit and in there are many philosophical approaches to joy and mind wellbeing that j still haven’t approached because stoicism has been working for me very well and matches my petsonw very well z what I was already doing without instructions. It’s an instruction well needed amongst humanity, controlling emotions from external forces isn’t easy and can be taken too far and then people’s lives get ruined. I’m reaching out to you. Whatevers going on come live in the sunshine, it’s nice here and joyful with life’s best pleasures simple and easy to enjoy.

So apart from philosophical approaches is there other approaches? 

There is.of course miracles from God that don’t have to be fronm or at the church but should he possible because I’ve had myself healed before and 

didn’t ask for it, I’ve just been a good boy and help must have been in the area. Being religioisnajdna beliebere in miracles is two completely different things. For me I’m anti-religious but I’m also agnosticism meaning I tolerate the religious but I don’t agree with all the bad things they’re doing. God has t spoken for 20000 years? So how do these religious people justify their actions of inadequate satisfaction for today’s societies. O believe in miracles because I’ve experienced a few and hear of a few. I don’t like people putting things into my heade so this honesty direct from me. If you want to live in the sunshine ueong religion you can,,:

  1. Become religious
  2. Pray for miracles
  3. Pray for everyone
  4. Learn about religion
  5. Choose what makes you happy and forget the rest

Religion is better for kids to use as a way to explore because the lord’s prayer will give them invicibility and they will libr a more glorious childhood playing safely and snif invincibility is upon them, that’s one thing I can say did my childhood good and bad the bible. Let your children decide once they start secondary school, this is when children get their first breakthrough to freedom and staying or leaving the church is good question to ask around this time.

If they answer no or yes, make sure they are sure and then they are ready to take religion as a responsibility not just a belief. There are few responsibilities you can give to a child so religion being is massive.os a very good responsibility for to offer yes or no answer to.

Let’s look at NLP practitioner and Hypnosis Philosophy which makes hypnotherapy

So after I met a friends ucnle uncle he knew a bit about conversational Hypnosis and we always loved it when he would hypnotise any of us. When is say we, he would never do it for me but one night he did it on stage and it was funny as heck. I couldn’t stop laughing at how fun it was. Hypnotherapy can be self taught and self treated or you can take yourself to a hypnotherapy practitioner just like my friend (hope you like the design, I did it.)

So there we have the best well known barrier killer hypnotherapy and how it killed my barrier to having fun and laughing amongst friends or family. Gosh it was an asking time spent learning NLP practitioner and Hypnosis Philosophy which helped me help others in the workplace and further afield but now it’s been a long time since I touched on this topic I’m too rusty to offer anyone any help.

That wraps up my million anf one ways to stay living in the en sunshine. There’s maybe and million different combinations thrte and my peteon choosing was combinations not therapies and theories.

Now I said I wouldn’t write a million ways but it’s up to you guys and the comment section, what ways do you know to have a joyous life.

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