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Keyboard warriors lay down your keyboard

Keyboard warriors lay down your keyboard

by markeyFebruary 17, 2020

The keyboard warriors come from a very traumatised lifestyle and you’re not alone. There’s many keyboard warriors on this planet who just need a nudge in the right direction.

Take for example this video. It explains 3 habits that are keeping you from being mentally well. It explains in detail many ways to conquer your inner demons and get off the keyboard once and for all.

3 habits affecting your mental health

As you can see the catatonic state of mind, higher consciousness in other words and happiness is a choice. This has your mental health by the bucket load. You’re a victim of mistreated illness and need to remove the negative barriers to being well.

Why is a catatonic state (freedom from lower consciousness the answer to your keyboard warrior ways?)

You see a catatonic state is best explained in the video above and it’s a state of mind that doesn’t let you reach a higher state of consciousness to choose happiness. Choosing happiness isn’t so simple an answer without explaining the catatonic state and higher consciousness from freeing yourself from this catatonic state.

The catatonic state a keyboard warrior is in is blind to them. You might as well be blind than being a keyboard warrior as blind people can’t see a keyboard. You’re not going anywhere fast as a keyboard warrior and you need to know how to free yourself from this state of mind. We really should be taught a higher level of consciousness as children to avoid the mistakes we make.

There isn’t much to it than these three habits being detrimental to your mental health problems. Being a keyboard warrior is a mental health breakdown in communication between your catatonic state and your happiness. You deserve to be happy and being a keyboard warrior is making you unhappy.

Unhappiness is a choice as much as happiness is but we’re not taught about happier growing up so we need to be taught now. This will avoid your inner keyboard warrior surfacing ever again. Once you’ve created happiness from a higher level of consciousness there’s no going back.

So let me say that if you watch the video you will be happy again and free from being the bad keyboard warrior everyone is defriending. You don’t need to lose friends from being a warrior on your keyboard. You really don’t need that in your life. So dear keyboard warrior please choose happiness today and resolve this issue you have with yourself as fast as breaking 2 habits that make you a keyboard warrior.

As a past keyboard warrior I can only see the extra service you needed all along was to watch this video on not being a keyboard warrior anymore. If you want to learn how to stop being a keyboard warrior please watch the video above. Thank you.

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