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Learning to fail probably isn’t on your agenda but..

Learning to fail probably isn’t on your agenda but..

by markeyNovember 9, 2019

Condemning failure when it is the condiment to success is hard done but easily done. If you learn how to fail, you’ll avoid mistakes much easier whereas if if you learn to succeed you might forget to learn what will make you fail.

Not learning how to fail you will never know when you’re encountering a time when you’re about to fail. It’s like me, I didn’t know if I keep saying no I’m going to get into trouble. A lot of trouble. So I never did learn to fail and I said no and here I am, a failure. The biggest failure I could ima6gine but people were why I failed, people said no, not me, and if you read my post on the fame of the people saying no you’d be pretty disgusted about like altogether. I’m a failure now because I had expectations too, which is another thing about learning to fail at life.

Expectations will ruin the failing person if they haven’t learned to fail. Expectations are expecting the right thing happens not the wrong thing, the failure thing, and here you have the two things that meet together, expectations and learning how to fail. Too much about expectation is about success and not what will make expectations fail. You all expect for success not failure and here we go, you’ll end up like me if you do that

It’s like the worst thing in the world – negativity; with it you can’t have fun and without it you can’t prepare to fail, you can’t learn how to fail. So we have learned very quickly to prepare to fail and learn to fail and of you’ve been a failure you’ll know how horrible it is. So you will have to prepare to fail which doesn’t really make sense except negativity is going to happen. It’s expectations and actions you’re going to love the most if you learn yo fail – preparation for failure. I wasn’t prepared myself and failed horribly, I even let sharks steal my business.

People studying the preparation for failure found that a negative mindset was something they weren’t prepared for or could justify. It was only when someone pointed it out that negative mindsets are largely unproven so why do it at all? Well if you haven’t prepared to fail, you won’t have any further information or self-assessment that stops negative mindset being your failure reason

Conclusively don’t let failure beat you up with failing to prepare for failure. Set failure expectations too and you’ll thrive out there when you’re hit with the failure type-things out there.

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