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Love yourself poem

Love yourself poem

by markeyMay 12, 2020

Here you’re all you’ve got,
It’s love and that’s all we’ve got,
So love yourself with all your efforts,
It’s the love we give that is our efforts.

All we have is love and love yourself first,
You must learn to love yourself first,
It’s the way to survive this task that’s all done with hope and love,
That’s what I think about love.

Love yourself please do love yourself never forget to,
It’s not even a need for two,
You’re worth loving yourself, you’re unique and human,
It’s important to love yourself dear human.

Once you love yourself nobody can take it from you,
Only you will know why they can’t take it from you,
If you love yourself you’re halfway there,
You just need to be met halfway.

I find that love is for yourself before,
Then we don’t need channel 4,
Justin Bieber is right to love yourself today,
It’s the only way.

I’m sorry if you don’t know how much you already love yourself,
You should love yourself because you’re the only you,
We didn’t come from a ewe,
We are human and to love yourself we are halfway to love yourself.

If I could advise one thing that would be love yourself instead of putting others first,
Know you worth not your thirst,
Oh to save oneself from not loving oneself,
It’s not the very thing come to mind first,
It’s priority to love oneself.

The act of loving yourself could be challenged but even in the worst situation you can tell yourself all I need to do is love myself,
Once you’re there your halfway there,
There there there you’re halfway there.

It might not solve every problem but it could solve many,
To love yourself is probably world’s best advice for many,
We don’t change, we love ourselves first but we aren’t taught priority,
Out others first except for priority.

I like to think we have an ultimate solution to so called problems,
Live yourself enough to know the difference,
As some struggle others thrive to know the difference,
Let’s not call these problems problems.

We could be lonely caveman and love ourselves,
So it must be first to love ourselves,
Then it must be at least half way to success,
If I didn’t love myself I wouldn’t care about anyone’s success.

I put others success before my own,
It’s their success I’m fighting tone,
So here we are to love onself a good solvent,
To keep us from vent.

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