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Mental hospitals have no love, passion or care. Just hate, argument and condemning.

Mental hospitals have no love, passion or care. Just hate, argument and condemning.

by markeyOctober 27, 2019

The mental health system is a one way system and its a heartbreaker for those who don’t believe in mental illness to an extent. Everyone will eventually believe it it one way or another but there isnt another way. They have you trapped on their stupid sections and then even law abiding citizen or permanently not law abiding is your one way system to hell on earth again and again.

I feel horrible locked up, away from my computer and friends. I haven’t committed any crime and in covered by the mental health act but this one way system doesn’t care about the lawz the laws wrtieen to protect me from unruly behaviours of the doctors and nurses which have only been adhered to in northern Ireland treatment centers. Not here in London. They’re turning perfectly good people into hating life, not so bad if you’re seeking a vote for all to die but it’s not like that. It’s something putting the barricades up in front of the doctor and very little up in front of us. The textual analysis of the sections and mental health act contains very little to protect us from unecessary and unsupported sectioning. It’s taking the piss out of society and I’m sure people like me feel like they shouldn’t have been born when some rich doctors and nurses say no because they don’t want to hear the part of the mental health act that’s for covering me from being sectioned. I live in a hostel for people with mental health problems, which covers me.  

‘if a person has another safe place they can be they can’t be sectioned and must be allowed to return to their respective home suitable for overpowering the mental health act as a snippet, a tiny, tiny part of the mental health act.’

What do you need/want/ask for?.

You’re a liar to mental health teams. Tell them it’s a sunny day and they’ll retort their usual demise of you as that you’re a liar and it’s a stormy cloudy horrible day. This is how blatant the behaviours of mental health staff in London is. They’re big, you’re small, they’re right, you’re wrong. Whenever they get the audacity from the problem won’t solve itself. I’m currently a one man army for sick, ill, disabled and wrongly labelled but I’m not one to give up. Show your support by contacting me, I’m planning to arrange meetups on to visit mental health patients and save them from these lying, cheating, thieving nurses and doctors. Fairly well suited to say it is London at worst nightmare scenario for breaking rules and laws to keep you sectioned whereas northern Ireland let you go as soon as they’re happy they’ve investigated the accusations against you, which I now have to try and drag into this mess if I can’t get help here in London.

No matter what you want you can’t have it. No matter what you need you can’t have it. No matter what you ask for you can’t have it. London’s mental health hospitals must be contolled by demonic spirit or demonic humans. It’s certainly not natural behaviour to break laws and regulations for every client that rises the laws affront them. It’s certainly not normal behaviour that the patient who is supposed to be a danger to themselves or others are being managed by people who ignore laws and regulations to keep them prisoners of the mental health act  it’s vile, disgust and disgracefully able to take my want to return to London ever again. I’ve done more time in London mental health hospitals than a murderer does for multiple murders. Figure 31hat out. Me a harmless one that catches the mouse humanely and releases itz wouldn’t kill the fly but if it’s half swatted I’d put it out of its misery. I’m a good boy, they’ll never make a man out of me unless they want a boy man. Yeah I can do adult things but I’m.never going to be a man as described by people while I was under attack with doctors and nurses at Hammersmith and Fulham mental health hospital. Essentially I’m only 31 but this ongoing fight with law breakers and no solicitor to represent me, why on earth can middle class afford, find and befriend their solicitors. Equality was never rife?;I doubt that but here I am, everyone who took part in destroying my environment also helped someone to steal my business, a business shark. Oh and the people who made me sectioned could take back my business with force and all of that it earned. There, there, there is 3 different mental health hospitals, all who refused to reply or give me a solicitor, free time, freedom or escapism from all the lies they’re still telling me. They’re insisting I’m mentally ill, I’m not, I’m a comedic chameleon in disguise,bid give you my ribs, my arm, my leg. Yet nobody would give me anything and let these hotrible untrained or trained for biting victims keep on biting me when I’m as calm as a whistle resting on a table. Blow your whistle like me, about what’s your reason for not helping or needing help, something’s got to give some time. We all want/need/ask and psychiatric hospitals are experts at being lazy, breaking laws and leaving you with nothing. Yea I had everything I could awk forz not I have one pair of trousers q foioel of jacketsz trainers and a warm winter coat.

Food is never fabulous and it’s full.of salt

Ready meals for lunch and dinner is what you’re having. Food that’s been frozen etc and the amount of salt cough cough cough, talk about getting fat and unhealthy. Mixed with some medications you’ll put on a few stone just by eating their diet and taking the tablets. Many of the medications especially olanzapine is capable of putting on weight fast and with salty foods even faster. The foods at the mental health clinics is high in salt and I’m a person who doesn’t add salt to my cooking unless my other half insists. This is a one way thing, the food they’ve chosen comes from another kitchen and probably has enough salt to kill a horse yet we are expected to lower ourselves to this level of eating even when we don’t want to be here or are lawfully not meant to be here. The food forced upon us only one example they’re not interested in our health, there is some other agenda and if someone wants to harm themselves or others is their only vice but they claim to have many. They’re the only thing worth eating in my opinion because of someone could I could give the reason overpowering us, denying us the law, denying us rights and being above the law when they come running after you to stick a needle in your butt which pain lasts for weeks. The only alternative on the menu for hot food is salt filled sandwiches, once again you can’t escape their putting far too much salt in out foods and I think it’s for threats, make is fat and weak and we are less a threat to them and their knowledge about God well hidden even from those who think they know.

Want someone to listen, feeling vulnerable and want to skip advantageous people, taunting is your friendship and strife.

Tauntinf yourself beautiful treatment isn’t going to work so I’ve just lied in the title to this. The staff taunt the vulnerable into committing minor crimes that they use against you in your meeting with the doctor. Team work seems to be going on inside the hospital. When a vulnerable patient mentions anything they prey on the vulnerabilities for reasons they have which has some reasons unbeknownst to me. I’m taunted all the time while in the MENTAL HEALTH hospital but I don’t react to their taunt. They’re tauting the vulnerable into doing something that makes them have to stay. I caught them at this when I was due a tribunal they knew my weakness is taking my things so the staff took everything from my room and I chuckled a wobbler and the tribunal.used that behaviour against me stating there wasn’t any other behaviours that would complicate getting off section. Too many people are sectioned recklessly and needlessly, I’m better within days or rest, but they have kept me here through thick and thin and even whenever I finally have the law on my side. King George’s hostel is for people with problems so I’m illegally held at hospital but power.going to their heads I don’t have this free time given to me by the law every one but definitely this time. The quote at the top of the page explains how it is, and if only I knew why it’s not that way, I’d hav something to do, better this shit hole with patients not well people who don’t need help. They just won’t listen when they are told even when they’re breaking the law.

This is one way system, their way or no way.

Fair enough dangerous people.need kept behind bars or something but whenever you’ve spent more than. 2 years of your life in a mental haoitiak obedient except for the off running away from them, I’m a gold boy in their records and that’s what I keep telling them. The say jumpz I say how high. It updoesn’t matter if they have laws against them, they believe they are better than those laws and I’m tired with it. They can’t leave me alone for nor reason, so I tend to walk past few police officers because they don’t care I’m in the right and when I get to the hospital that won’t care either.If there’s an alternative place they can be King George’s Hospital work on a phone and my hands are getting sore I don’t need them but I’ll take them if they want me to I don’t need him I won’t even answer me that makes me fat satisfactory why why are they breaking the law. Just as I wrote that last sentence the solicitor called and will see me Monday. So we are looking at the law intervening in a place where they’re supposed to make you well and healthy but called for doing the exact opposite. I’ve had to fight off 5 nurses on top of me before just because they wanted my phone illegally detained phone then it was too. My mother had been on the receiving end of what the nurses were doing to me so they (five of them) piled on top of me and took my phone. It reminds me when there was only one of them trying to get my phone and he scraped large gashes into lmy hands, much to my account of what happened being denied by everyone including the police. Something needs to change round here, the organisation isn’t always right but nowadays their using the fact they are to harm people but I didn’t notice the same behaviours in Northern Ireland. The nurses here, northern Ireland treated you as you would expect, London’s dangerously vicious treatment needs to stop. Holding people against their will is illegal but circumstances mental health is supposed to give aren’t always given but the mental health doctors and nurses claim they’re always right.

Love, hope, hate and fear

As a person who first admitted myself to a mental hospital, not first admission but further on it was fear based and did they give me love and hope? No they gave me hate and fear. Something I wish you never experience but something I had never experienced up until the mental health system failed me, as not believing a word that came from my mouth and putting into my mouth words of truth but not what I said. It was a diagnosis schizophrenia, now schizo effective disorder. The problem was I hadn’t said any of the things they said I said. I never said one thingz other than ‘can I/ let me go home please. That’s all I ever said and they hqve files and folders I’ve yet to obtain with all the things they said I said. For more than 12 months I cried directly at the psychiatrist in charge and his senior nurses to go home, and they never let me go home and kept putting words into my mouth. It was terrifying that I couldn’t go to the NHS and be treated with respect especially considering they were Labelling me the victim but treating me horribly like as of I had done wrong things. They were putting words on my mouth, if it had of been me saying the things I really did say ‘please let me go home.’ I said nothing more than that yet they had reams of paper for what I supposedly said, mind you, a lot of the stuff was true, maybe all of it but I didn’t say them to the doctor. So here you are in the same situations, a mental health victim patient, not all patients are victims they are allowed to voluntarily put themselves in and out of the hospital. It transpires the love and hate between us all. I hate hating but I’ve learned to hate mental health treatment and anyone involved on either side of the fence except victims on either side of the fence. I’m a victim support unitz not a perpetrator ever. Not ever the predator or perpetrator of hatred, evil, sadness, joylessness etc. I’m here for the smiles you give back in applause for the application or our friendship. I’ve never lived with so much fear up until mental hospitals ruined it for me, both this side of the water and that side of the water. Northern Ireland were no better at reducing fear and increasing love, it’s the lies they tell more than anything but also the vulnerability of the person they lie to.

Stupid boy, stupid girl, stupid; you’re all so stupid – this is the only treatment I get from London’s MENTAL HEALTH hospitals.

The stupid treatment is beligerently real and happening to even the most vulnerable people. They have no hope versus 10 horrible wicked nurses and one vulnerable person followed by the rest of the ward also vulnerable. You’ll notice middle class and rich people aren’t harassed and abused by the NHS mental health teams. They are given the grace their money provides them. They’d have the asses of those that have hurt me and many justothers in jail within a jiffy. If you don’t want to avail of a service you don’t have to yet mental health teams use the mental health act to act like they can do whatever they want to whoever they want. In London being born British or on British soil you never know the motive but I notice a pattern in how you are treated when it’s your own in charge, the way you’re supposed to bez except if your nasty or vulgar. They have taken our NHS and they don’t care about us. I’m a pattern spotter, a real pattern spotter and I sport patterns well. Just give me time and I’m basically inside their head. So lately the younger girl here is filled with guilt for something she involves herself in which is condemnation of a certain mass of people. This is probably Irish and British and Londoners because as I always say someone has taught peopl how jealousy rules your mind if you’re not careful, and it’s so easy to be jealous of londonders and British for having London. Brits and londonders will tell you themselves how they are being pushed out by foreigners and I’m weary of leavinng again. Leaving again is giving up the right for all cultures to respect londonders (British born people.) Another idea is ‘dont come here if you aren’t here for the culture.’ We don’t need you, want you or want any more of your diasters upon us. Leave London if you’re not here for culture. London is pining someone’s heart if you’re not here for the culture and it’s not fair the few destroy the many. They think we are stupid enough not to notice theot beligerence towards a multi-cultural city being able to complete most people’s wildest dteam – unity and formation and os happens the ones who vpme to ruin ot, often do.

Friends and family aren’t told the truth and the truth about mental health treatment of any patient already exists, as we are forced to be treated. We know we don’t need it so they force us. 

Drar friends amd family of mental health patients, especially in large cities your friends amf family are being forced to experience things they should.mevet havr to. The friends and family of patients should know that mental illness needa friends, family’s shelter and hom2 comforts. Not trapped in a hospital again and again and again. Friends qnd family of mental health patients it’s your responsibility to care for your friends and family and the mental hospital isn’t a place to palm them off to. It’s a place filled with hatred, false accusations and bullying especially at big cities like London. It’s easy to think because it’s hospital they are being treated, I’ve experienced people getting themselves or sectioned to be on top of another patient – your son, daughter, cousin or friend etc. The mental hospital is one of the most abusive places you can put someone who hasn’t already discovered coping mechanisms qndb fill knowledge that mental illness entails someone labelling your friend or family. Why would you let someone falsely label them. If they don’t agree with the label it’s because they’re not the labelz unless you know they are likely to lie which even if that’s possible they’ll still possibly be truthful and ruthless opposite of a complacent patient.

I’ve had my friends and family submit me to mental hospitals and I think it’s gross. Shelter, warmth, family and friends is what mental wellness requires. Not isolated mental health wards. It makes me sickened to know the entire mental health hospital system has been getting away with this for so long. Friends and family stand up for your companion because the hospital is labelling them wrongly and destroying their one life they have. If anything don’t ever agree to sending a friend or family to a mental Health hospital. It’s disagreeable and disgusts me personally that anyone would let their friend or family be labelled and persecuted. Not only labelled but forced medication and the random attacks from volatile nurses. It’s just not a nice place to be.

As bucket full of meds and salty food, a day in the life of a mental wellness patient.

Everyone here in the UK think the NHS couldn’t do youbq bucket of harm, they damn well can and where they do it and get away with it most is on mental health services. Whether you’re an inpatient or outpatient they’re labelling you a handicap so low that they would even mention how you’re not capable of working at all. Excuse me mental health workers of Britain many of us did work upi until mental health teams and our family’s ignorance led us to a bad place called chronic mental illness. Which is basically a fact, first check you’re not surrounded by assholes before you accept any diagnosis and I haven’t been qentwl wellness patient ever once discovering that I’m not surrounded by assholes and every time it’s been the assholes labelling me that’s been my problem nothing else. So don’t let anyone go mental hospital and get surrounded by assholesz but a book and read it together. A book can’t label you and if you’re like me you don’t label the book by its cover which is a major problem with mental health nurses, they’re easily able to labely you by a cover.bnationailoty, cultural etc.

There isn’t any spiritual warfare to blame, it stopped existing for some reason. 100’s of years ago it was common knowledge about demons, angles friendly ghosts etc. Nowadays you’re labelled ill or have experienced them.

So here we are 2019. Where we define have shown our ability to the max while ancients would.yhanl spiritual help we are told spiritual existence isn’t real. If you dig deep enough and watch enough paranormal movies you’ll find bit in them that talks about these hqintinga upon is an society as a whole wpklr gather the minister amf pray them away but not dead nor unfoegven. They would pray they leave their environment and God would answer them and take the demons away. Whatever happened since common knowledges went it means next ghouls appearances can be wishes away unforforgivingly unlike historic persistent forgiveness, call it resilience of you don’t feel like saying no forgiveness asbif killer. Resilience with zero tolerance to the spirit world would glorified by God. Just think no more bullies, no more worries. Resilience suggests nothing like forgiveness but is just as powerful 1ith add-ons like resilient, patient but if not gone, changed or obeying Goodness within 1 week, we.must as mother nature’s best help be given frewdom form the horrible demoms. Wjfmhifh no ministry of minksz nuns and priests etc has adorned my spiritual fight with spirits.

I’m not sure if the have camera technology to spot the spiritual involving themselves in our affairs as without an invitation it’s not legal tender for the interaction between is and spiritual existence, more seemingly spiritual warfare. Poor things can’t be all that bad for them that they can’t nurture and heal us to be kind to is and loved. To do it for and nothing else or to be R.I.P. atheist style, do your best with this one life and don’t worry about the things religious people worry about. Born again, spiritual existence etc. Atheists don’t worry themselves with such merciful existences as we arw happy we will do.the best with the one life we promote and belong to. Whether or not the god, the gods, the Angela contemplating our fates care what we believe, they’re only going to have sacka of spuds unless controlling all 7 billion humans, which I would hope there’s not permission from is, nor should it be possible or ejectable by us. If God has found it allowed a way, and humans above us gave permission for God to control all 7 billion people with free will, like placing it all on a few shoulders or one unwitting shoulder but allowing omnipresence to control us while so much of life is horror movie style. Omnipresent if possible, shouldn’t ever have been created and never have permission. God has to answer soon our questions about omnipresence and about this graceful time on earth is filled with grace from Humans whichever their indifference. I’m lucky to have experienced indifference with out of body experiences but I was wondering if someone is feeling the same as I with sale situation and it turns out their pleasure seeking was permanently rewarding every inch or step they took. While my pleasure relied heavily on other people being friendly to me, cooking for them, having a home to comfort them in. I rely heavily on socialism in minor and major situations, being home alone is unhappiness and the world at war is unhappiness too. It’s conflicting with me that I know what makes me happy and I’ve all so suddenly had to see happiness as a needle in a haystack because I’m tribal, I like my friends and family to be close, and as they say, any enemies even closer, although don’t wish that if you aren’t of a quality for turning enemies into friends. In fact, choose culture’s love and no enemy existing, this way you can live without fear.

More than half of these people don’t know why they have been taken from their home and sectioned.

Mental wellness institutions teach you nothing that’s good for you. They shove tablet after tablet down your throat, yeah you’ll learn hate very fast and learn how not to do something fast also. You just can’t escape section, it’s a one way ticket to hotel California. More than half the people here in this ward don’t know why they are here, they were lifted by ignoramus police and doctors and forced under section. Who shall fight for us as they fight against us? It’s some fight coming from a source unknown to us, but oir parents can’t stop them and they even manage to beat the law neatly and nearly every time. There’s nothing to right for victims of the system. There’s nothing better than having your life continuosly turned upside down by police ambulatory.) Sadly they are only freaks in uniforms who know what they’re doing wrong but dovit anyway. Wretch me why not? I reserve my wretching for buckfasts over indulgence releasing mw from a drunken stupor I can’t control. They reserve being a wretch for nearly every chance they get to section perfectly normal people who a home treatment team isn’t even an option, but months and years prisoners in a mental hospital is okay. Wretched world. God created a chameleon that can hide and grow back organs and limbs. God created humans who are locked into rooms and corridors they don’t like not need to be in. Petty crime and petty argument, one for prison one for being labelled mentally unwell. Bullshit. Nobpdy is from middle class or above familiea here so throwing us in here must be a hidden secret right in our face, we are thrown inside here by children from wealthy families, grown up children and we are all the children from poverty ridden families. Money isn’t given a fair chance in the world but the results of having money versus not having money are typicqlz very typical. Lots of friends, family, activities z adventures, sports and more. 

Poor people are targeted by the middle class and above out there in ambulance service and police service.

The police are investigating you because middle class people report to the police the most fickle petty Crimes you can imagine. Even middle class families children bully the poor kids because of the suffocating secrets they must keep. Do they f”*k have to keep these secrets. They keep them because they’re so vile and beligerently harmful to poverty-stricken people who don’t know what is really going on between middle class people and above, and how the poverty people even take part in their lunacies pretending to care about the poverty stricken people. They care so little theyade every effort to swipey busi from me to leave me at poorest there is. Oh and they’ll find anyone to blame than themselves, God, higher powers, angels and more. These fickle people aren’t actually fickle they are trained by their family and parents to hide the reasons they are higher class society and happier than peop6in poverty-stricken, and why those poverty-stricken people have zero opportunities for the rationale offers no ration big you’reenough to kick start a failing poverty-stricken background life. Yes some poverty-stricken tend to find a way up, but then these are reasons the middle class and rich will target you. To steal from ypu, mock you and disallow you to become rich enough to be heard saying such stuff as this. I find it hard being heard because they don’t want to admit, forgive and forget, they want to keep poverty bulloed, jobless, uncomfortably numb and sadnesses nobody could bear but these middle class and above have never experienced such sadnesses just the hurt from their black heart getting blacker and grey and more hurt but it goes ignored.

There’s nothing holding me back to blame secrets held my middle class and above for why poverty people can’t get the same lifestyle comforts of middle classes and above.

I’m not arguing an invalid, unruly, easy topic. I’m blaming nearly every man, woman, and child that poverty people are being slammed every way possible for middle class families to do so. I said it before and I say it again, power and success motivates humans as a harmful plague to the under classes, poverty and homelessness. They’re as plague offering us hot food when we need 6-12 months rent paid to get a job. And for them to stop blocking your right of way to these jobs, yea they have contolled the ways for everything these middle class and have no problems rejecting poverty-stricken applications for jobs etc. For goodness sake they business as I was stuck in the middle of their fight to drop dead an exposure to the elites hidden agendas to keep poverty-stricken from getting out of it. So much so that people who would get you out by being a hand up, are obviosiyl visited by these ugly teams with agendas against poverty having something in their lives better than them. I can’t even get am anonymous, or many anonymous donations to avoid these nasty middle class idiots knocking your door complain you fed the poor money they are desperately trying to keep from them. Yea of you’re a poverty-stricken like me, you won’t know right away but eventually you’ll get the gist, these silver spoon borns cast aside the poverty-stricken for other agendas and expect you to accept it without vengeance if chance arises. You can bet I’d rather expose them than take my chances at least only one myself getting my lifestyle comforts I designed for myself but so intricately stolen by these middle class twats who think they are getting away with it. Well, they are but let’s see who will win. Middle class lying scumbags or hard working, hard attempts from the POVERTY-STRICKEN side. Yea f**k you middle class liars keeping secrets from poverty ridden people, we are aware and we don’t forget the pain you’ve put us through. You’re not being a middle class eejit for the benefit of anyone only yourself. Us poverty stricken have many on our agendas. Angel of darkness, I’ll fight.

The drugs don’t work they’ll only make ypu worse again. Teachers leave these kids alone.

 I’m burnt outz I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for so long I’m burnt out. Although I have my usual resilience it’s a lot harder when you’ve had £2.2+ and rising money stolen from you, (my business earns about £2 million since is lost it as is my lowest estimation for what was taken.) One of the reasons and maybe the only reason I went to a London mental health hospital, to tell them my business was being attacked and possibly going to be taken. They paid no attention to this and eventually my business was stolen by a shark and within 5 days he changed the whole thing that took me 13 years to build. 5 days exchange, I don’t think so. There should be help for people like me when not believed or no lawful interception will happen upon the thieves that’s stolen my business. There is try, try ,try to get your business back and there is emotions you couldn’t imagine with trying to gwtbyo913 years hard work back versus someone who spent 5 Hours. Hoqwvwry country’s military is allowing such a theft to occur, it’s best investigated and then any other victims given the same solvent as mw. All money back and what thia man paid for the business to charities of our choices. He might have ruined the livelihoods of so many poor people we need help from our military unstoppable hacking to get back what business sharks have taken from us. To be honest when I first heard of business sharks I thought that’s not possible and nor would cyber security allow it. Well here we are 5 years later and every scream and shout I do about what’s happened, the people monitoring the internet for the harmed and harmera pay no attention that I’ve lost so much by being duped out of it using a myriad of occupational help.

This is so relevant on the drugs don’t work they make you worse bit is because partly drug usage coming back into my life disabled me (more vulnerable to shark tactics) but I was already diagnosed with schizo effective disorder so I was has lighted into doing things I don’t believe are moral but non+direct things and non supportive wasy motive for allowing these crooks to plan a way to steal my business. After all it was online. Their final tactic was drigsz drugs were used to be without sense or guarding myself and it taught more about how lucky I’ve been with my drug usage over the years. The sad part is even though the military control the internet they don’t provide a service to getting back your business idea by force of the nonsensical people who are sharks steal your business.

Staff have no passion, none whatsoever, only argument and threatens.

You’d think you’re wonderful beautiful family member is in wonderful beautiful passionate hands but the staff do not give two f**ks which makes me wonder why they get the job in the first place – it pays more and you get to be undetectable asahole at the same time. No way José with the way they so, I won’t stop until I find a way to stomp on them. They act like giants when one family member mine could flick most of them high into the air with one little finger and smash every bone in the bodies. Of course I’m not going to have my family stoop to thw level of these frwak London psychiatric nurses. They sadden me and nobody believes wjw you show the ciys and bruises they inflicted on me. To be honest if out families knew we aren’t in safe hands but immoral disinterested hands of immoral people with no passion for anything than the higher pay from a Sainsbury’s till person they only educated themselves for, or tried for. All staff in mental.hwwlth need cured from the demonic sicknesses we’ve got to put up with. Very few London based mental health services have treated me with dignity respect and let their passions shine though. Instead you get grumpy hietful, flinch worthy staff arguing with you 24/7. It needs to stop. Reformation needs to happen before they destroy more lives. More lives deatoyed on pattern is what scares me, that they’re is a pattern to those they persecute and deatroy the most. I’m not toy deatoyed but one wrong thing that happens and it’s over for me. Hospitals accredited for helping people driving someone over the edge has to be the help of something higher pwoet2d than themz ornitncpilr he naturally occurring jealousy type yrwatem8or something entirely different I still don’t know anything about.

Wrapping up the hatred, non passionate London mental health teams that aren’t being stopped and I’m continuosly the victim of met police, at Johns ambulance and mental health teams laying in wait for their prey, us perfectly normal humans.

So now we are talking human rights violations by London services Met police, at Johns ambulance, NHS doctors and nurses and mental health NHS the worst taking perfectly normal humans and ruining them by breaking laws and physically and mentally harming them.

There’s no love in this dirty old town. Please listen to our plea, there’s a human plague dwatoeuong perfectly normal people’s lives masquerading as doctors and nurses and the worst got is by the mental health teams.btyw judge and condemn you with no evidence and continuingly braking laws. It’s a dirty old town and as usual it’s not the middle class and above doing any suffering because of it, it’s them doing it. Today take one example over something so simple; more than 7 nurses argues they wouldn’t go to receptionist to get my delivery because I hadn’t called the receptionist. They find every way to start an argument and get results against us, trauma. They’re well trained people not abiding by their training and you can’t falsely imprison people like they’re doing. They’re accusing me of all sorts but still only an excuse to distract from accusing me of anything true or admitting their breaking the law. I’m reaching out on behalf of all NHS and police victims, I’ve written a lot too. Spread the word that you aren’t safe in the hands of the services because a plague of humans with nasty agendas and behaviours don’t care who you are if you’re not the one affording to send them to prison for their behaviours and laws of ignorance to them. I’m asking you all to reach out and beat this demon possessed society calling themselves helpfulness; NHS, Met Police, Samaritans etc

They’re nothing but trauma inducing freaks who need to be stopped.

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