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Nokia 3.1 plus hidden marketing gimmicks sold me a useless phone I don’t need and need something different.

Nokia 3.1 plus hidden marketing gimmicks sold me a useless phone I don’t need and need something different.

by markeyOctober 10, 2019

So Nokia, years and years and years of love and support, unconditionally because they’ve never done me any wrong until now… They’ve went and done a shady thing, witheld important information to sell a phone amwyay. Information that couldn’t b overlooked if they provided the information at all.

💌 Using SD card as internal storage to move apps and other android features, completely hidden from marketing.

And one of the most important things marketing should be able to tell us if it’s got problems. Everyone seeks assuming, unless otherwise stated, the phone as internal storage SD card format. Not this time, and a⅞ccording to Nokia many of their other models have the same problems.

💗 My love for Nokia is failing at the moment.

I’m having to expose everything they said in the chat to prove how the took no responsibility and accepted no liability to fix the situation.

🐣 If they were always telling the truth and only started lying now I’ll be glad with a phew I’m not opening a can of worms, and nobody is allowed to use my posts to open cans of worms.

They are intended to grab full attention of the Nokia team for the result I want, in this case an equivalent phone with internal SD storage capabilities. Let’s see what happens, shouldn’t be holding my breath long, you either will it you won’t , you can or you can’t.

🎭 Contact the manufacturer directly only when you’ve used their website or magazines for reference.

The reference I’m making here is that I always use electronics’s manufacturers websites firstly and lastly before a purchase and in this case they didn’t clearly (or at all), state they had known there is internal SD storage issues with the Nokia 3.1 plus device.

▶️ I don’t like playing liar liar pants on fire.

Nor finger pointing either, this is why I use the manufacturers website firstly and lastly as well, so I’m not a cat and mouse ass wipe annoying them and a serious fandom consumer and recieving bad situation is not something a fan should have left unresolved or unoticed. I’m not blaming you, I’m telling you that it’s your call and I have been a fan so long o wpulf be rather saddened if you play cat and mouse like the chat help, live hell chat did by reverting me to the place o bought the phone. I never buy directly from the manufacturers as it’s always more expensive. Nokia, I’m counting on you for no ball games, no playing cat and mouse, replace my system with a working system and you do your job right and I’m future make sure.yo heavily announce any issues proportional to needs.

🤡 Why so loud?

I’m a bit of a clown at yomws, a joker but also rather serious, I believe this issue deserves to be heard, that you avoided splurging the truth unto us about an important issue so people like me would be duped.onto buying the phone, and I don’t day that lightly, I day that as harshly as possible while also retaining my legal rights to freedom of speech and no harm intended, no finger pointing, no blame game, no slander, just actual thoughts.poasibly common if anyone else is in this situation. The balls in your court Nokia, I have a phone that’s no use to me, you have millions of phones that are a use to me. I could leave Nokia, but you guys know why I wouldn’t… What idiot would leave Nokia? Be this is resolved in 24 hours too, confidence in Nokia is because we love you lots and lots like jelly tots.

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