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Our visit to heaven?

Our visit to heaven?

by markeyJuly 28, 2020

One day we were walking along together. The next moment we were partying river and walking on water, the two of us, but neither of us spoke about it ever again.

I remembered only 11 years later. That’s how long it took me to remember. You’d think I would remember before that.

We walked on water and parted a river then went and relaxed by the pier where are big blue boat went by. At this stage I felt so comfortable, I must definitely have been in heaven.

My friend beckoned me to leave and j didn’t want to go. I didn’t know we were in heaven but his call didn’t make me want to go. It took him some effort to have me leave but I did and that wAs that. A memory that took eleven years to return to me.

I don’t know why we went there. I think he does but he never told me. As when I asked him he blocked me from his life. I guess he must know.

It’s like something you wouldn’t expect happening or expect to be true but it happened and it was good. I felt blissful and at peace with myself but I already thought I was but I was wrong,this heavenly event proved me wrong.

Nowadays I wonder why when meditation keeps me going now. Without meditation I can’t be happy or survive, you should try it. It’s worth it. Things get better when you meditate.

In fact all the successful people meditate so they do. If you want some encouragement. Don’t do it for the success,do it for the thrill.

Peace and love.


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