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Repeating thoughts health illness fix as ebook free download. Heal repeating thoughts today. Self healing from a Buddhist Londoner.

Repeating thoughts health illness fix as ebook free download. Heal repeating thoughts today. Self healing from a Buddhist Londoner.

by markeyOctober 13, 2019

Repeating thoughts aren’t something you’d thought would happen to you would you? They can be the worst or the best thoughts in the world, either way, they’re repeating and unwanted. You know nobody would even understand those repeating thoughts and if I were your helpfulness I’d approach the ideology that a demon has got a hold of you and has possessed your thoughts, then prayer will beat that but prayer is an awful thing to believe in, so I’m going to cover prayer first in the ebook and follow on with a few other efforts against repeating thoughts in an ebook download completely free, with just a slight ask to buy through an Amazon or eBay link to juice me for the help.

I’m not only available for help by the ebook and the blog I have but my contact and email are available because you matter to me, I love unconditionally so your repeating thoughts and other worries are unconditionally cared with love as I’ve been a 2 year old who learned to love unconditionally so I have done so ever since. Aren’t you lucky? I’m the real deal, not only did I learn unconditional love at 2 years old, I became humble at 4 and I started breaking that to share my skills, and at 5 years old my cowboys and Indians and toy soldiers taught me I want to be good. Not forgetting my Bible study, much of which I denied and debated becoming a agnostic atheist at 6 years old and now at 31 a Buddhist, a full on Buddhist. Nothing but Buddhism but like the Buddha, a love for Jesus exists and that love never dies. Yes true love never dies but love is hard learned and then it is devoted, people think they know love but then they deny you and betray you and love is forgotten. Love’s main reason is to attach you to those you can help and should help, but love is a billion things, hate is one and betrayal and abandonment are love’s worst enemy. People like me know love is hard learned but then it’s devoted, mainly it’s an expectation not to be abandoned or betrayed but you’ll get plenty of that out here. We don’t need it and evolutionary denial is why love hasn’t progressed since the story of Jesus’ betrayals.

Love is going to be a word used a lot in your free pdf for repeating thoughts. It’s not easy to beat those thoughts without love on your mind, having a hateful approach to these thoughts will break universal rules that love maintains. Universal rules are expectations love and not hate, and that hate doesn’t exist and shouldn’t plus other expectations which make the universal rules important to interfere your repeating thoughts successfully. I promise I have been there, luckily I already knew to avoid hatefulness but many people are bitter about their problems, please take heed I will warn many times against hate and your unconditional love approaches direct and effectively, that it’s rewarded unexpectedly at most people’s experiences because the thoughts might have already driven you mad and hateful.

Stop repeating thoughts free download PDF eBook

This is your download for ideas to stop repeating thoughts from a Buddhist perspective, but not just Buddhism by the ideas from others too. There are ideas on approaching monks and nuns for wisdom (Buddhist and multiple religious options), with some other ideas like EFT tapping, or the STOP method.

So, here is your download link. And below the example of the pdf.

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