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SEO Re-Imagined; from internet marketing to digital marketing manager.

SEO Re-Imagined; from internet marketing to digital marketing manager.

by markeyOctober 23, 2019

SEO Re-imagined – remember internet marketing?

He came he saw he conquered..

Said the internet marketer.

He came He saw, he failed..

Said the digital marketer.

Backlinks will either make you or break you and todays the day im gonna bring it all back to you. Backlinking is dead, gone, dusted, buried. The Google dance nailed and nailed and nailed until it killed it. Completely dead on many men’s shoulders was carried backlinking, so please stop backlinking immediately. We can start our detailed approach to SEO-reimagined the right way, to forget old ways and especially automation. Men for automatically building back links had their day while Google danced, but this dance was terrible consequences of warning them their tactic was about to burn. And it did..

Introducing Google Dance

Without back links there had to be another way for Google to reward your hard work and they already had Google dance in their arsenal. This I a paet of thr algorithm that serve ins difference, much like a server at a diner, one may satisfy you woth a full menu, another may only be able to provide the names of a few items from the menu. Google can give you authority first and then dance with you second. Back links was supposed to be for bigger companies to keep spammers from being part of the Google dance, wnd Google has to get something out of the way by fighting back and giving the boat some push and pull. 

If there’s no wind row.


The Google dance means you never needed 5o build back links and that fortunately to keep you from bothering you can have it from me, the internet will automatically build you back links, it just does. There’s so much syndicated content, some authority puts you into syndicates and the content you put out there syndicates all by itself. The basic agenda is NEVER EVER BUILD BACK LINKS. Dance with Google instead. Check competitors and provide something different so you dance with Google. Google dance is looking indifference to your competitors, like in my most recent effort no videos were involved so my site had videos. I danced with Google and earned a pretty $3,000 per month profit. You can do this too if you churn out content that’s for dancing. It’s when the beat drops that you get your reward, the first 10 results or so begin to wiggle and shuffle with you. It’s also like shuffling a deck of cards, every now and then it’s your turn to be dealt first. If you’re never being danced with or dealt first, it’s time to talk to an expert (ahem, that’s me.) If you believe I’m Google dance and only Google dance you’ll win, everything else is false information.

Competition analysis and indifference will make or break ya.  

Your idea is probably natural, as natural as it gets but here’s the thing about Google dance. It’s not monagamous, yes Google dance is a slut or a dance instructor, I’m not sure if you have any knowledge of dancing for love, Google isn’t in love.with any particular dancer so maybe slut, maybe teacher. We won’t argue because my content is supposed to be PG, parental guidance, which I hope you kids don’t go tell momma or dada what I’ve done. Called Google algorithm a slut. Maybe not even, more like an instructor to all those dancers, about 100,000 webmasters worldwide.  So Google is dancing with all these guys that do SEO (search engine optimisation.) 

Google starts dancing with those that have authority which takes up to 6 months to pull Google. The dance is happening but Google won’t invite you to dance until you’re ready. Crap content, crap design, crap effort and you might as well wear lipstick on your elbows instead. This is where competition analysis is important, if you’re not different or better as some people say, then don’t worry you can do this. If they don’t have something, check why, maybe ask why, and if the reason isn’t supported by yourself then you upgrade yourself and be different than them. Then the Google dancer has a reason to dance with you. 

Welcome to patient and Victorious, patience is your win today, tomorrow and until 6 months or more.

Google doesn’t believe in love at first sight, depending. YouTube it does because your video goes under manual review so Google can easily dance right away and put you higher than you’ve ever been before. Which if you’re better at videos you will progress faster there and that’s why you need patience for any other way. Only YouTube is a fast buck, but churning out YouTube content could mean ridiculously low quality content or something within Google that finds your efforts annoying. That’s what you don’t want so for everything you do for digital marketing. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I have a HUGE DIGITAL MARKETING WARNING. If patience is on your wick, reach out to me. I’m always available for a quick chat, all my contact details can be found on this site. Please don’t expect me to.buile you Rome, but I can give you time to q&a as much as possible.

I’m sorry and so is Google I’m sure that it takes 6 months for Google to dance with you, but you have to keep down the weeds and let all the flowers be seen gloriously feeding families and projects with their hard earned cash. I call money a tool, like a shovel for digging a grave R.I.P. That be moneyisthetool on Skype. All invitations accepted and responsibilities for responding is fully committed. Though anyone acting silly will be ignored until you wisely approach me. I have patience for you but also worth mentioning that your long slots will be charged at double minimum wage of great Britain. This is because if I spend an hour with you a client loses or goes behind one hour. Ultimately we weren’t here to talk about personal mentoring it was patience, I’m a patient but I’m not patient. Come to me for anything you need especially if you’re not getting results from your patience. Booking an hour slot is better than not, because you will have many questions and I advise you have a pen and paper. Sounds like me talking crap but my time is just as precious as yours and a coffee with a client or friend costs almost £10. Please don’t contact me about patient related issues until after 6 months of experience with Google and Google dance, unless you are also having content/contextual problems.

Mentors are a good idea but many charge a fortune

There’s nothing better than a hands-on teqchwr, whereas I’m self-assessment, self-taught many had a mentor. I found mentors minimum $500 per month or per project. When I’m free for q&a for an hour but not in consecutive minutes, you don’t need a mentor just yet. When choosing a mentor make sure you choose one that’s got reputation and almost 100% success rates. No mentor should be offering you mentorship with a poor percentile success rate. Many do and many don’t. Also be careful of expenses for mentors, that they are willing to meet your budgets and that’s the interest they have. If they have an interest in emptying your pockets it’s a red light and move on, be sorry for them and yourself then move unto the next option. Good mentors try Charing a fortune so here’s my top tips for getting a mentor for you.

  • You don’t ask you don’t get
  • Prices may vary if you ask
  • Don’t spend a fortune.
  • Don’t replace the mentorship time with work time.
  • Ask around for clues and ideas.
  • Spend a lot of time choosing your mentor.
  • Find a mentor paid on results.
  • Don’t follow the crowd.
  • Sign legal documents and ensure no money is handed over before you are satisfied.
  • Give 6 months to 1 year for the mentorship to work.
  • Don’t let the mentor take the lead, find collaboration.
  • Trust the mentor but never give them anything you own. Even a respected mentor.
  • Be wary of hackers they can impersonate your mentor. Check on call, Skype etc.
  • Use forums and other research websites to ask about your mentor.
  • Treat your mentor like your best friend. Do good things in return for the motivation and helpfulness.
  • Look for a free mentor like myself who will do as much as possible without charging you. (Nothing is for free – money is the tool.)

Back links maybe never happen, but..

Syndication was a backlinking tactic that honestly worked and still does help give your site authority. Fortunately for us there are webmasters regularly having fun building syndication websites. So back links will happen naturally for most bloggers but remember we aren’t seeming back links now. It’s content is king and back links are provided if some webmaster has went down the nutty professor department of education to build syndication websites that don’t attract attention from Google search engine without also having numerous, highly numerate, thousands at least – people who contributed to any of their syndication categories. 

The last time I checked with a new website I was syndicated onto at least 25 or so new syndication websites and thankfully I seen the opportunity for an article writing session like this because I hated I could still see automations for back links happening 88and being sold to the unwitting. UNWITTING GENTLEMAN WHO INTERNET MARKETING IA THEIR MUSE SPREAD THIS GOSSIP NOW. So yeah, forget back links and listen to the hearty recriprocates in marketing whom shall lead you to content as king and forget backlinking altogether. Altogether now…  

Don’t write crap and don’t forget OCI Commercial Intent.

People who spend money need OCI measures to the content they are provided, let’s say fot example 39% of every internet user on a daily basis is looking to buy something then you can get your money pages up and running now. Now quick, quick, going, going, gone. All gone. Yes the Google dance will save you from the going gone attitude towards keywords but I’m talking about writing crap and/or writing no content for commercial intent. Called OCI as a metric and for me money pages. The pages where you’ve focused your keyword filled content with money on your mind. Nobody gonna survive without that dollar. Nobody will. So as much as I’d love to tell you to write whatever you want, my desires for slim watches and nice clothes and manager of charitable projects didn’t come from writing just anything, or just anything I want to write. Write about the buy, the purchase the things and keywords for those things followed by the affiliate links and contact forms to share those affiliate links. Don’t get bitten by the more than 6 months to get your lion’s share, without OCI measured content you might as well suffocate the cat in the bag and not let it out at all. Yes, your aim is to free the needy for their needs at hand. If they need a watch, perfect you can SEO content on watches and enjoy the affiliate income. Don’t be silly with your writing, mix it up, you’re either e-commerce, semi-ecommerce or not at all e-commerce so then you don’t or you do care about money pages. 

I highly recommend affiliate themes, themes built with one page Lansing styles because I find all information regarding the things people buy is best on one page with the only exit from that page is your greatness within enticing them into your affiliate link, put the thing in their basket and buy it. You hope. Peter from Mashable doesn’t mention starting with an OCI investigation but it took him 6 months writing every day in a very less volatile environment, his news site wasn’t overcrowded and from day one not day 180 he was on the ball for high amounts of traffic which it takes to earn a dollar of you are not going to have commercial intent content. Just remember, there’s snake oil salesmen and then there’s you, if you ask me, you’re great, fantastic, doing it how it should be. Don’t let anyone cause the snake oil salesmen to lead you to the wrong disco. You’ll dance with Google, but you’ll dance alone. Snake oil salesmen have died physically but digitally they still exist and you’ll notice they’re all very lonely. Ha. They knew better when the physical version of themselves got cut off by society. So don’t glorify yourself a salrman, glorify the Content is King (non conspiracy) truthfulness within you. I hope at least this one thing you read, if not any of the rest of this. Nobody wants anyone taking their hard earned money like a slippery snake, but like a mole fulfilling every desirable notification causing purchase to be unavoidable. Go you mole.

Copy plague no way José

The copier plague means you’re asking Google to dance with a clone, and that would be heartbreaking tor Google’s other dancers. You don’t want to dance with Google impersonating someone else’s it’s you who wants to dance with Google and copying who Google already dances with can have dyer consequences. Adding to what others have done for ‘contwnt is king’ is how you get into the dance often and regularly. People would say I’m wrong by now, definitely wrong and that other SEO tactics are necessary, WERE necessary but never necessary since the Google dance appeared, Google’s best algorithm to date. No you’re not taking Google dance on a date until you’ve imported that content so much you dance your way to the very front unmovable. You want to be danced, romanced and rewarded labourful number 1 spots on the Google search engine and you can do it. Latent semantic indexing is your favourable desire here which comes naturally build a niche site however big or small. If you don’t understand latent semantic analysis of the site you work on, think like, teddy bear is to child as child is to teddy bear. Teddy bear is to washing machine as child is to washing machine. Latent semantics is the analysis of content and how it semantically links to each other. With good latent semantics you’re in Google’s favour over who doesn’t have that.

Finally, drum roll, big clap, clap clap, boom it’s latent semantics.

I don’t want to burn your head with latent semantically linked content examples because they’re limitless, you basically don’t want to semantically forget semantics. Without semantics Google bot doesn’t know of you’re relevant or not, or how relevant you are. Semantics, you don’t want to hear the detailed explanations, of this then that, baby is to teddy and teddy is to baby is another one. Actually these are the two to focus on. There’s no necessity to go focus on any other way to know your semantics, semantics can be a single page or it can be site wide, for example, you had a site dedicated to strawberries, your latent semantics would spread site wide openly with variety of strawberry information whereas multi-topic websites need to go further and find ways.

Wrapping that up and giving you the golden SEO nuts and bolts.

Hey you lucky thing I’ve given you top dollar consult here. Some out there are still trying to well you the back link dream, sure it still works but you won’t dance with Google, and Google loves to dance. Serious enough it’s time we as internet marketing executive geeks throw forth our ideas against the grain of those hindering and being unhelpful to the hurried businesses. Yes Rome wasn’t built in a dayz but we don’t all have time on our plates like this. So wrap it up guys and spread the GOSSIP, backlinking was always dead the Google dance just made people keep teaching it. Hopefully not any longer, I’m raising this issue on a public platform and hoping for many of your thoughts in the comments section. 

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