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Sore back from methadone withdrawal

Sore back from methadone withdrawal

by markeyAugust 4, 2020

I was on heroin for 4 years after being poisoned by a nurse and having severe chest pains so I can suffice my use. But the methadone use; what would happen couldn’t be chosen any worse. The spinal tap song must be about this.

A sore back from methadone withdrawal isn’t spoke about much on the internet

The sore back from a methadone withdrawal isn’t spoke about much on the internet, in fact I found little information. It’s real though, I’m on my 5th day off 40ml methadone and the spinal pain is unbearable and stopping me sleeping.

I was told by the guys not to bother because this stuff gets into your back and it does. The pain is consistent and doesn’t stop for days, you will not sleep.

I’m not saying because it’s not on the internet that I’m wrong

I’m not wrong. The guys on the street told me it would get into my back so I believe I’m right. I believe that because they said this I’m definitely right.

The internet is probably hiding this symptom so that people will still take the medicine. I found one article that wasn’t very clear about it. However we have to take into account the correlation between my back being sore and quitting the methadone.

If you have a sore back and have quit methadone don’t go back on the methadone, get some tramadol from your doctor and wait for the pain to subside.

Conclusion and Wrapping up

The internet isn’t very clear about methadone withdrawal and sore backs the spinal tap as I’m calling it. This day is the day you learn from another quitter how their back got sore too. I hope you don’t go back on the methadone. Stay off it, unless you have unmanageable pain which I’m afraid the poison the nurse done to me has left with inconsequential problems for me. Which if it has I’ll have to try tramadol instead of methadone. The drugs don’t work they just make you worse again.

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