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Stoicism has you the balls

Stoicism has you the balls

by markeyOctober 22, 2019

If you’ve ever looked back now’s a time to think about looking back differently. You see, the stoic agenda can change your world because you are different and indifference is a speciality we have not overcame evolutionary. I was an expert at whatever and so was my friends but look where I am, involving myself in a way to live again while i never lost it. Oh believe your heart, love at first sight is true. Stoicism teaches you that you are who you are, you think therefore you are. Mine is the best of my way to live, dangerously and affectionately but without knowledge how to be prepared. I’m going to teach you as much as I can in stoicism and the affects your life would have it there were a set of Stoic rules built into us. I am not mean hearted and could nevenr be, but my mummy above all people slammed the door in my face, how rude I thought but she set me free than I was and I would say thank you for slamming a door in a needy face. NEVER me and I would never, you are my love, my only love and you don’t know what I want to say except topic worthy flabbergasted support for the needing out there. The yes project is something we will touch on but until then let’s take a look at this stoic agenda.

‘i will let what is internal to me stay unaffected by what is external to me.

Stoic agenda

It’s everywhere this same rule, do what you expect done unto yourself. At 6 years old I pondered God reality, religious realities and I thought it was best, now that I’m 31, that I wasn’t told the reality of realness because every hospital in the world would have some 6 boy tails on nurses and doctors all day long. Internal to me was the pro active person we need to wake up the senses of those that are afraid to speak their tongue, in cheek or out. Internal I’m a cheeky little kid, but I’ve had external influences that upset my internal self and others may not know how hard it is to inner conflict your unknown knowledges at the back of your mind, standing on top of your head inside and out, not letting you shine too brightz fly too high, too low, Icarus. I wouldn’t learn from failure if I didn’t fail but I’ll say I was well equipped to succeed if I could only find the same hearty recriprocates amongst us. A Benedictine monk is my advice, one of the buckfast ones is a good one to begin with.

Personally I’m atheist, but a buddha, agnosticism, atheism and a lot of the good parts of any knowledge are good enough for me. It’s trusty joy within you that I’m here, you are your own applause. I’ve not had my failure rectified but I’m not going to let you fail. So here’s 9 ways to embrace Stoicism and not ever get beaten by yourself. Stoics control themselves well, but only if you know how. Don’t fail, it’s not an option, press my contact details, I’m one of those people with a philosophical answer for everyone as long as you’re not trying to laugh or hurt me.

1. Two big hurdles to stoicism; lies (unworthy), forgiveness (no anger, no malice.)

How could you achieve no bruise on the other person’s eye shows just bruised you. It’s fight or flight and you can hurt someone without it being destruction not handled. If he give you black eye, you give him harder black eye so he don’t come back. I’m not telling you to fight I’m telling you, if a black eye is what you’re facing, you’re probably needing harder hardware than him/her so you hit harder and you win. Your other option is to run. Then we could also teach stoicism better and nobody except Tom Cribb will be blacking any eye.

Look you don’t want two things in your life as a Stoic

  • Grudges i.e. malice
  • Anger I e. Harmfulness

A life lived in malice won’t find desires that you seek, and it you’re going to blame, then avoid that blame and seek greener pastures. There’s nothing that hasn’t been done before. Take him to your leader, some stoic king who knows better, that you are who you say you are, and that’s why I love you. It’s why they, something the gratefulness isn’t always appreciated or accepted or demanded. Right now I listen to the boom box, hardstyle music, something I can’t break the rules for. You dance, you trance, you fall in love with music. Any genre, let it be that your company can arrange malleable times. I’m a raver baby, but there’s no killers here, let’s hope. Take the approach that there isn’t anything you can do if malice or forgiveness are out of your control. Stoicism will teach you to control yourself, if you’re like 2 year old me, that’s with unconditional love, still sticks today. I’ll never forget. So you should be drifting in the right direction for forgiveness overpowers anything malice filled, I hope you learn or know this as always. It’s not turn the other cheek, but it is turn the other cheek. Don’t be afraid to scream and shout and let it all out. I fear people aren’t listening to the needy, then that’s because I’m needy and nobody listens to me. You’re maybe as needy and I feel your need mate. So don’t be afraid to ask, and let me know your struggles whether it be stoicism or otherwise. There’s Ying, Yang and Yong, now Yong isn’t available right now because it’s an in-between thing you either do or you don’t. Does any raver baby know this one?

2 Fear and loathing fishmonger

You’re a mong. But that’s an opinion from someone who is happily able to call you this mong you are. Well personally, I refrain unless you really need a good old racket cane to the back of the head. Discipline doesn’t always speak your lingo. One thing that’s not disciplined on this earth is survivalist in an economic driven world. Success is economically driven but you bet that’s better than the barter you were tending long before now. You have barely any honey in that nest anyway. The wasp doesn’t hate you, it hates the fences. Why must you build fences around our countryside hated by wasps, loved by livestock lovers. Like when is the last time you heard someone say they like their animals inside fences, and how many people accept the fences are okay? Do we not like wildlife, do we zoo them instead? Oh come on, fish tank livestock, sure we are nice aren’t we. That’s not jealousy mixed with power, as I have always chosen weakness, death and glory against the enemy too strong for me. Yeah I’ve met a few in danger and I’ve done my best but fear and loathing in las Vegas is actually evolutionary information in the title of a movie. Economic beligerence is a number one rationale we aren’t able to conquer. Fickle or faked fickle minded people won’t give everyone a home. Home is located approximately three meters from your DVR system. Yet fear and loathing is another thing, another loathing in power, lose the power, deny it, at all costs, an arm, a leg, a chameleons chance. Don’t be a mong, let your power forget selfishness and disallow inappropriate behaviour to the needy, houses for all, equality for all, ask and ye shall receive. So the powers that be ask nothing, tell everything, nah part of the ragged truth. Around the ragged rock you’ll find power and fear and loathing are what’s up in your world Mr stoic seeker. You’ll find your only obstacle is power labelling you slave or friend. Sure they have power but would say you’re slave, you aren’t and you’ll never be. Stoicism is your friend. You should always be prepared and this is the Christianity friend my good friend has always said would be the better of the two but both compliment each other. Let’s not force me down that route being an atheist mostly but firm believer the Buddha said it best, stoicism taught it better and the rest is evolutionary.

Evolutionary fear and loathing is worse than ever. There is so much to loathe, so little time and you are just a little speck of dust in between all these things. It’s a serious problem with stoicism, people let power go to their head, or power goes to their head respectfully. You don’t want to have a right with a treason filled monarchy is the jist of it here. You were powerful and effective in the way to power, but using power at its worst is the jealousy luat filled powder that goes to your head if you have something 5o be jealous about. Stoicism solves that too. It’s a great catalyst and solvent for the problems we have during this speck of time we spend living. The jealous rage comes only from a source of power, like a child having a hissy fit expecting parenthood to jump on command and at all heights. The enemy to a jealous rage is stoicism, it’ll keep you tranquil throughout anyone’s silly behaviours caused by power mixed jealousy.

4. Help and support or no help and support

As tribal as you are you aren’t always going to find the love you need to be tribally successful in this world. We are a species with tribal instincts like a lion pride except damn lions I’m a vegetarian, could they kindly stop eating meat or could people kindly not video them wading through a new world of wildlife returned and farmers working with fruita, vegetables and teats. Yes I’m not a pescatrian (in between a vegetarian and a pest.) THIS SIMPLE LIFE? The fact that you’re going to fail isn’t anything you do or will do, it’s all down to the help and support you get, eventually it all boils down to the necessity for survival of the fittest and damn are we fittest nowadays. The only help we all aren’t getting is truth, integroty; honesty by the plateful. A place your head would have been for lies in our room filled histories. Head on a plate or recriprocal basis for integrity. You can’t do this alone, lottery and things are a do-it-alone way but who finds happiness from this way when you have so many skills and talents not for failure, for succeeding. Believe me though, people are cruel enough to give you no help or support. Support for you is important and is something I’m fighting for, an advocacy for you, anyone, everyone.

There’s a natural instinct that is for survival and we will help each other naturally and anyone not being helpful is under instruction not to be, but they’ll feel awful for not helping, and free will would be questionable, however I’m more than aware only good things have come from no free will and bad things from those resisting free will. Some people immunity themselves from anything forcible but they’re forgetting nobody can do anything with failure. With failure and that pick me up for everyone many are denied isn’t rationale and we have Romanian beggars proving a massive gap in the helpfulness society has given. They’ve forgotten about a hug portion of us. It’s hypocritical to survive and leave another surviving little happiness. I will find you and I will hug you. We need more people like that. Don’t just stand there, do something.

5.Family, friends and acquaintances & expectations

Expectations begin at home, as does charity for most of us. Them silver Spooners might be keeping secrets to survivng because I seen little to no middle class and above homeless people. How dare they keep secrets that means other people’s family’s set expectations can’t be met a lot of the time. From what I heard and read many prisoners and mental wellness patients come from poverty ridden backgrounds. Let’s say they are keeping a secret,any of them are probably uncovered in this ‘stoicism’s got you by the balls’ article. Balls of steel many of us do, like the old people who walk around in zimmerframes, talk about never giving up. Your best examples of balls of steel many people choose to ignore or admire and respect to the point of no separation for their meeda, votes etc. These people that never give up are stoic inside, because they’re powered by their brains, not by that external to brain – pains and sufferings. They have family a lot of the time but some don’t. Guys, we are tribal, without family and friends we fail. Something that surprised me is that I have more than 1,000 friends and acquaintances as contacts in my phone and I still ended up so lonely I couldn’t find my way forward from failure. What do you do with failure? You turn to family and friends and if they aren’t there, trust me, society has lost itself. It’s forgotten the cave they have could help so many struggling failures. How dare they make others fail while they’re pullling boats up beside happiness.

Expectations begin at home and what you’re taught there is important for the way forward. My mother was living in the past but knew the core values I should carry so instead of reaching out for help, assuming the working climate is similar to her era she taught me around 7 things.

  • Unconditional love.
  • Run from police.
  • Don’t speak to police.
  • Learn about common recreational drugs.
  • People are jealous and motivated by.
  • Never hurt anyone, never.
  • Respect people beyond other people’s efforts.
  • Nobody is different, ye s different but racism is not the answer to humanity and life.
  • Walk away from arguments and fights.
  • A friend is for life not just for Christmas.
  • Try to learn from her, however she would have been best to say to do as one does, not as one says,
  • She didn’t say much or any more.

Of course this leads to expectations and that’s why I’ve rolled expectations and family etc. into the same numbered point. Charity, and experience for expectations begins at home. Be grateful and thankful for family and friends whether you think they know what you need or not.

6. Failure you can’t do anything with it

People who let you down. Too many times and you’ve crossed the line. People always say theybare something they’re not. I’m by your side, I’m there for life, nobody will harm you when I’m around. It’s all lies. The people around you are liars and you’ll receive nothing they say they give. I’ve failed even with success under British army command allegiance to me, when I walked without fear they were filled with fear because of all the killings they done. That’s not my fault but people aren’t who they say they are, nobody’s got your back and nobody who knows what love is shares it equivocally and inept as they are they are purposeful. You can only stay unaffected by their bruises, bruise after bruise and hope karma plays its role in getting yourself the help they promised but provide to everyone except you. You cannot be you in this world, some coward cunts have lied to every man, woman and child. They aren’t even ignorantly allowed by themselves, they purposefully burn trees when they’re in the wrong. Oh so many failures and always the poor elitist victims that God has no option than to side with, or so he says. Thank God I’m an atheist, there’s no way I could support a God of failures. I earned myself 13 years hard work and on the way out for giving up God threatened me an after life, oh how romantic. Failure is in the hands of those that feed you and if bite every fucking hand off them if I were you. God ain’t no gentleman, kick out the epic motherfucker. You’ll know no reason for the goodness within you to subside until you know the evil creeps that run this world. The British army stole my 13 years hard work, my business and God supported them. I’ve been crying and crying and crying but nobody can break god’s controlled by spiritual warfare manifesting itself in the deepest abyss of poverty and its weaknesses. I didn’t fail my part, people said no and that made,which leads is to the next part.

7. The yes project

This a project born in America and launched on we have two contrasting monochrome outfits, yes and no. The yes project says yes to everything, I think even when it could being a spot of bother. I’m no so sure the yes project has proved anything than saying no should be for being laefull for forbidden. If you hear no all the time, story of my life then the yes project so for your gander, it’s you yo change no yo yes and watch the happiness of everyone. You have to wonder why there’s so much no and so little yes when it’s proven on YouTube, not even by a scientist that yes is the way forward. I’m personally tired of no. Very tried and everything my whole life has even been is no.

The bottom line concluding the stoic agenda and its hurdles

So we mounted the stoic agenda pretty quickly and just as quickly we identified the biggest hurdles to living the best life possible whit the stoic agenda. It’s something worth teachintg kids stoicism as they find it hard to manage their emotions in many situations. I wish I 2ws taught we a lot but it was 19 year’s old before found this agenda and now I’m retfinin the skills I’m sharing it best as I can. I hope you have enjoyed learning how stoicism has you by the balls, and if it doesn’t why it should. Internally you are notyour external influences, so get living, you’ve only got this one life to live and stoicism is not pessimistic or negative, it’s a positively influential ideology that has worked for centuries. Think resilience as a natural choice for a change, saving from the arrestee from police etc. Your stoic agenda should take you far in life.

A guide to the good life by William B. Irvine

The good life is hard come by if you’re a person who can’t control your emotions. You’re going to need to hold joy most of the time and not let external influences get in the way, this doesn’t mean not to stick up for yourself but where avoidable bon positive emotions should be under control. It’s not easy being you and not and anger filled, joyless mosterorus version of yourself because so much external influences are of bad nature. Everything and everyone isn’t out there trying to please another – you, they are out thetrnyonplease themselves an unfortunately you get caught in the cross fire and without a good insight to the egwmda your time is wasted on anger and fruitlessness because other people got by your defences and destroyed your day, week, month. So you need a good book for stoicism because whaybive written should be enough to grasp the concept it’s not particularly written by a professor like A guide to the good life, the ancient art of Stoic Joy written by William B. Irvine will gracefully teach you to enjoy every moment, every hour every second. Because of this book and my joy filled ways people started acting with jealousy as motive and poor little me lost his way. Don’t hesitate to ask questions here before you buy William’s book and experience the joyous results.

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