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Stop churning out your c**p internet marketers, take some time to think about these simple things.

Stop churning out your c**p internet marketers, take some time to think about these simple things.

by markeyOctober 9, 2019
You bastards interet marketers backed by Tony Robbins and more you left us with nothing. With absolutely fucking nothing. All our hard work you c***s.

Oh internet marketing for the poor to rich man’s dream you’ve gotten away with it, you even sharked my business and left me with nothing but let’s cut the crap, we aren’t here to make enemies, and I hope you weren’t using me for that but I’m your worst enemy because I don’t fear your bullshit walks money talks ideology, send your hitman, he’ll receive a lashing of rain and everything possible to deter him. So let’s cut the bulls**t internet marketers you have robbed us and got away with it. Nobody is helping us. Here’s what a thoughtful motherf****r would have done. And with me, I even have a daughter I’ve got nothing to give because you sharked my business too. There’s nobody to help us you selfish internet marketers. You showed us a dream and stole it all from me and God knows how many others. What about this?

📇1. Delegate tasks for free or cheaper is good advice.

What did you stupid prat head internet marketers do to poor people? You sold them crap internet marketing material worthless and have them no free, cheap options to get on their feet. You made everything a rich man’s world. Rich man poor dad. You disgust me, filth of the earth you internet marketing leaders selling a cup of coffee for a f*****g dream lifestyle. You left us all with enough for a coffee better spent on hosting, a domain, a mentor, anything. Any valuable content you pricks left us with nothing.

🌐 2. Seek talent and skills around the world. No you didn’t tell us to find a way the f**k out. You sold us the dream of doing it alone.

You have us nothing then you sharked our work. You’ve met the “outsource, any price, any talent, any claim. No, no, no, clearly you need will, skill and talent not just will. Weed out who can’t do the work and direct them in the right direction and work with those who can do it. No you didn’t tell us this, you told us any f****r with a smile can make a feckin fortune and when we did you stole it you c***s.

🤡 Don’t create a barbarian attitude out there. No leave us little s**t heada, pieces of s**y in your shoe to go it alone and then steal it.,

Smashing the copy out, slapping the copy out, stinging the ones who write and read the copy. No, no, no you don’t do that and you can’t. I must hear you are doing your best and not your worst or your unwary, weary faultful effort seem faultless and harmless.

🎭 Don’t let the actors beat the reality out there. No create more and have Anthony Robbins and Seth godin endorse it.

Actors acting the part to steal business from the needy aren’t fair but they’re there. The only way to root this out is a Skype video interview asking the right questions. Don’t let anyone slip through the net here unbeknownst to you or your clan. They’ll lick your face for blemishes and then run away with the dish and the spoon.

🆓 Free work isn’t a good idea but it’s a start. No f**k teaching what works for free, make us but your shite ebook!

Asking for free work to prove their worth will scate away the best candidates and nobody wants to do that. I was advised free work would lead to tons of Great work, all the free work was crap and none of the good workers reolled, it’s a start but not a good start, middle or end.

Conclusive evidence isn’t you just ruined out lives accidently but you had a team of sharks to steal our hard work. Fuck you.

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