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April 17, 2020

How love is actually an illusion

WARNING: I have two realities about God, one that God is only good and one that God is evil. This article focuses on God being evil because of demonic possession existing.

Realism is reality and I’ve always been a realist. I don’t hold back on things I know or fail to perceive things how they are.

Ever since encountering god’s demons I’ve been battling them every day of my life and I’ve lived for 32 years being bullied and harassed by them.

This led to a discovery path on what you can do to conquer them and there’s nothing you can do because they belong to God and God is power. We are weakness. The thing is why God [...]

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February 3, 2020

How to deliver yourself from evil

WARNING: I’ve been to heaven/Valhalla and was walking on water, parting rivers and doing handstands and didn’t want to leave but ye must be warned that going there isn’t for anything than being stilled and returning to earth again. Believe in better even though this article is pessimistic critical information but reality bites sometimes.

The truth shall set you free.

John chapter something or other.

This world is evil, the black death is upon us and we’re ignorant because we don’t know the truth. God made life for you to go to heaven one day or another. Maybe even hell, god forbid. Forbidden we hope. Nightmares though, are [...]

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November 24, 2019

God mind controls the whole world all at once.

You think you are free American people? Think again. My discovery is that god controls 99.9% of the world population at the same time

He controls every industry and every person and he can’t prove it’s not true. God can’t prove it’s not true because it is true. I am a victim of god turning everyone away from me and ruining my life.

I haven’t got one friend or family out of over 1,500 global relationship I made with people. That’s because they’re all controlled by one man, God. He controls everything and everyone, sinner or Saint and glorifies himself the Saint.

The people who aren’t releasing this [...]

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