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March 9, 2020

God just found my keys for me; then I hallucinatined ‘who is me’.

God just found my keys for me then I hallucinatined ‘who is me’ on my jeans. Seems like God must be feeling sorry for me. I wonder what he’ll do next. I’ve grown to like him even though my life is shitty. I like that he surprised me with my keys. That was an awfully nice surprise, and then hallucinatined ‘who is me’ indicating there might be more gods out there than our heavenly father.

Only our heavenly father could do what’s done unto me, and finding my keys for me is a specialist thing, something so simple that opens up the door to talking about what God did for me. It’s out heavenly father that is on my path, maybe not, [...]

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October 12, 2019

A monk’s clarity can cleanse you and keep you clear of negativity and I am grateful they exist as they do. However I debate their reasoning

Dear monks, especially Buddhist monks I’m pleased for you, your existence and your sense of well+being but I don’t agree with desire being a good reason you are a monk, it cannot be the truth. To live as you do is discipline and survival, homage and proof that a life can be lived better even with so little. Little white lies never hurt anyone but I’d love nothing more than you to come out from you’re shells and tell us who you really are and what you really commit to this monastery lifestyle, as I have known monks to climb mountains to save lives and protect endangered species and humans. Leaving the monastery is not within your explanations, yes to be humble [...]

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