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March 9, 2020

God just found my keys for me; then I hallucinatined ‘who is me’.

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God just found my keys for me then I hallucinatined ‘who is me’ on my jeans. Seems like God must be feeling sorry for me. I wonder what he’ll do next. I’ve grown to like him even though my life is shitty. I like that he surprised me with my keys. That was an awfully nice surprise, and then hallucinatined ‘who is me’ indicating there might be more gods out there than our heavenly father.

Only our heavenly father could do what’s done unto me, and finding my keys for me is a specialist thing, something so simple that opens up the door to talking about what God did for me. It’s out heavenly [...]

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October 24, 2019

The electronic cigarette conundrum. Which is the best ecig?

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Welcome to Mark Rafferty’s take on ecigs, and how that stars in their eyes puff of smoke isn’t very good looking and what you can do about it.

These days a lot of smokers look like they’re coming onto the stage for stars in their eyes (thanks admiral Duncan pub Soho, London for that joke.) If you’re like me and enjoy smoking and the way it’s always been that stars in your eyes way of life, smokers life ain’t for you. I have discovered that out of 7 people 6 people found my choice of ecigratte a definite and certain, cigarette-like replacement for their smoking habits. All 7/7 people claimed that they [...]

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October 22, 2019

Stoicism has you the balls

If you’ve ever looked back now’s a time to think about looking back differently. You see, the stoic agenda can change your world because you are different and indifference is a speciality we have not overcame evolutionary. I was an expert at whatever and so was my friends but look where I am, involving myself in a way to live again while i never lost it. Oh believe your heart, love at first sight is true. Stoicism teaches you that you are who you are, you think therefore you are. Mine is the best of my way to live, dangerously and affectionately but without knowledge how to be prepared. I’m going to teach you as much as I can in stoicism and the affects your [...]

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October 13, 2019

Repeating thoughts health illness fix as ebook free download. Heal repeating thoughts today. Self healing from a Buddhist Londoner.

Repeating thoughts aren’t something you’d thought would happen to you would you? They can be the worst or the best thoughts in the world, either way, they’re repeating and unwanted. You know nobody would even understand those repeating thoughts and if I were your helpfulness I’d approach the ideology that a demon has got a hold of you and has possessed your thoughts, then prayer will beat that but prayer is an awful thing to believe in, so I’m going to cover prayer first in the ebook and follow on with a few other efforts against repeating thoughts in an ebook download completely free, with just a slight ask to buy through an Amazon or eBay link to [...]

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