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May 13, 2020

Jesus is not coming back? but listen to this instead? Love yourself.

Right we are mad to believe Jesus left us at all unless he was very much bullied out from society and had to leave. It’s very saddening that the idea that Jesus the healer left us, it’s impossible beliefs. That’s how you do it, logic, common sense. Who, what, where, why, when, analysis, review, conclusion. My theory for obtaining great knowledge. This process helps my failure to believe Jesus was a real character, at least by the Bible’s description of crucifixion etc. Do you really think god is an absolute loony bin? His enemies might act like they are but it’s assured that those that went before us knew god better than us and still kept us going, so [...]

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May 12, 2020

Love yourself poem

Here you’re all you’ve got, It’s love and that’s all we’ve got, So love yourself with all your efforts, It’s the love we give that is our efforts.

All we have is love and love yourself first, You must learn to love yourself first, It’s the way to survive this task that’s all done with hope and love, That’s what I think about love.

Love yourself please do love yourself never forget to, It’s not even a need for two, You’re worth loving yourself, you’re unique and human, It’s important to love yourself dear human.

Once you love yourself nobody can take it from you, Only you will [...]

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