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August 4, 2020

We are the broken poem

We can see you.You don’t care.You’re a politician.We depend on you.

It’s been weeks homeless.Weeks without a home.While you live like a billionaire.You forgot about us.

You haven’t brought us to our knees.We know you know about us.Wait for the best, the real beat.You’re up against an ocean.

You won’t use us to take the ocean.We will take the ocean to rid of you.The ocean won’t take us for you.This is the warning that we are free.

You broke us with your fake life.The promises you made to us paupers.You don’t think we are stupid do you?We know you think we’re stupid.

We’ve got [...]

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July 29, 2020

Puppy poem

I way my tail, I tilt my head, I give a little wink I flash my belly I give a little lick I do it all From sit to speak to attractive women far & near Then you chirp in With something about fan fiction And I realize We are going to for aloneo

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May 12, 2020

Love yourself poem

Here you’re all you’ve got, It’s love and that’s all we’ve got, So love yourself with all your efforts, It’s the love we give that is our efforts.

All we have is love and love yourself first, You must learn to love yourself first, It’s the way to survive this task that’s all done with hope and love, That’s what I think about love.

Love yourself please do love yourself never forget to, It’s not even a need for two, You’re worth loving yourself, you’re unique and human, It’s important to love yourself dear human.

Once you love yourself nobody can take it from you, Only you will [...]

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May 12, 2020

Can’t afford to work Phillipines global disaster poem

I’m sitting here talking to a forgeigner, My life depends on his generosity, It’s my last day of food and time got generosity, The man is only difference is a foreigner with a better system for a foreigner.

I’ve sat here lost about our system forever, It feels like forever, Every hurdle I needed someone to support me with cash needs, The tool they call money all depending on an external system forever?

I can’t bear my system means I need money to make money and I can go homeless, Surely it’s not possible to go homeless this far into evolution? Do we need a revolution? Power to the people and the homeless.

I’ve sat [...]

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