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October 12, 2019

Life is unfair. Poverty isn’t a choice. Solutions aren’t an option. Not even hard work.. FML, wtf?

Poverty has stricken my life as an illness unbearable but I made it, I worked hard enough to end my poverty until a business shark stole my dream and a number of helpers ignored my readiness and willingness plus guaranteed access to a £25,000 investment from the government. Instead I got £5,000 and a fight with every British enemy and their own team, team GB fighting against me as well. They’ve left me with nothing. Well that means I have no choice for a team, and nobody going to give back my hard work. Somebody stole £124 million in charitable projects from me and my £2 million business for 5 hours work versus my 16 years work. I worked for 16 years to earn £2 million but [...]

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September 9, 2019

Norwegian bitcoin millionaire jumps off balcony during robbery

Here’s something society has not addressed, poverty causing the hardest working amongst to become targeted. A Norwegian bitcoin millionaire (£9m worth), has had to jump from his balcony after robbers demand he lay on the floor or they’d shoot. It’s not known yet whether the millionaire has sustained any injuries but it’s a terrible blow to our hard working society and the poverty driving problems like this needs to be tackled. Apart from the poverty it’s security’s call to create more defensive security systems at affordable prices to deter these criminals who have been driving security’s breakthroughs since personal security became [...]
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