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May 12, 2020

Handbags and gladrags poem

I forbid women to buy extremely expensive handbags, It’s a joke to exist when the system is not as it was, done with handbags, Instead we are handbags and gladrags and not a bit of care from the system Jokers make expensive handbags, I’m not a fan of lavish living or lifestyle I think we can put back in than take out we are forc d to via tax when we would be better encouraged to give back, There is a world that isn’t done it’s still developing missing links to a darker society, All we need is to find the best system (probably Finland) and copy it for a better society.

Nobody likes to see a homeless person so why don’t we act on it, [...]

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May 12, 2020

Can’t afford to work Phillipines global disaster poem

I’m sitting here talking to a forgeigner, My life depends on his generosity, It’s my last day of food and time got generosity, The man is only difference is a foreigner with a better system for a foreigner.

I’ve sat here lost about our system forever, It feels like forever, Every hurdle I needed someone to support me with cash needs, The tool they call money all depending on an external system forever?

I can’t bear my system means I need money to make money and I can go homeless, Surely it’s not possible to go homeless this far into evolution? Do we need a revolution? Power to the people and the homeless.

I’ve sat [...]

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